Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I went for a walk around Lillydale lake today.
Its been a few years since I last went. Liam had yet to discover his abhorrence of cold water, so going with him by myself was a challenge I had not thought through. It turned in to a real struggle keeping him safe and out of the water, then carrying this wriggly mutinous creature with a backpack up a hill to the car....never again.
So I had forgotten the simple pleasure of walking around the lake. I've gone with family, friends and on my own. Sometimes I prefer it on my own, even though its the memories of other people and times I carry with me. My mind loved the carefree chance to wander and it made me wonder why some people needed an ipod.
My mind drifted from the misty cold morning when Amy and I were losing weight, the coolish breeze ruffling my hair and cooling my body, strains of Adele (who needs an ipod), pushing Liam around in his pram chatting to Mum, the photos I had seen of Adam and Naomi there as their relationship blossomed (and where we said goodbye as they headed for a new life in Sydney), watching remote controlled sailing ships and the dog in the shallows refusing to leave :), the contrail in the blue sky above to the comforting fatigue as I reached the car. Pure bliss!
I went home in a very peaceful frame of mind and all it had taken was a half hour walk in body and soul.


  1. The best music you can get, letting your thoughts dwell.
    I used to walk with an MP3, but since I stopped that several years ago, nature tells me so many pretty stories. They can make me smile and sometimes sad, but they are wonderful to listen to! Hope you can find many more chances to enjoy Lillydale lake!

  2. I can't wait until the temp gets above 10 degrees here so I can walk around the pond... It's nice hearing from you again...it's been awhile...