Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wedding Day 01/11/10

The Newlyweds (photo by Gerard Assi)

The first of November was a time for a new beginning in our families lives: Simon and Beth's wedding. I've always adored my sons and seeing them both find and marry their loves is a joyous time.
We have known this happy couple for 8 years now, since Beth was 15 and Simon was 17. They actually started dating less than 6 months after Adam and Naomi did, so the 2 couples have grown together, which is rather lovely. Adam & Simon have mostly been close...well there were the odd times as with all siblings :). The couples are so close that they have each included the other couple in their wedding party. Liam has also provided an interesting role...that of tension breaker during the ceremonies, where tears have turned to smiles...not that there is anything wrong with tears of joy, it just makes it harder to speak :D

The Chapel at Tatra

Liam and I

Simon, Damian & Adam

As Simon waited with his best friend since primary school and his older brother for his bride to walk up the aisle his and her glistening eyes met with smiles and heartfelt love. Ok , I had tearful eyes too and Liam made happy accompanying sounds :).

Beth & Carlo

The day had started with Liam jumping on us in the morning...when I got up he discovered his 2 brothers in the loungeroom....they had arrived in the wee hours of the morning, discovered a puncture in the blow up bed, mended it with duct tape (which lasted 20 minutes) and decamped to the lounge-room (where we had fortunately bought a couch which included a sofa bed). Imagine Liam's surprise and delight...well needless to say 2 brothers in bed trump one father in his...of course 1 father and 1 brother trump the other brother too LOL.
Later there was a mad rush for the shower, Adam had returned with flowers and Damian, the best man, the videographer and Beth's brother were due...


I went over to Beth's ( she looked gorgeous...mind you it would be difficult for Beth not to look lovely) for hair and make-up (I don't tend to wear make-up, but this was my son's wedding afterall)

Adam, Kris, Simon & Chris (left)

About to be brothers-in-law: Simon & Chris (right)

Simon & Adam in Simon's car

and then returned home just in time for Simon's departure...gee they looked good.

Ahhh a moments reflection to admire my workmanship 'big cheeky grin' (OK I cannot take all the credit LOL...), but they are sooo gorgeous. Oh and btw I meant the boys not Simon's car LOL

The "boys" and Liam

Naomi (below) (photo by Mark Heath)

Beth (photo by Mark Heath)

Michelle (maid of honour) and Damian (best man)

The ceremony was lovely and include wonderful moments like the lighting of candles for relatives no longer here and the sand ceremony joining our 2 families together. The vows included "my favourite pest" which brought a we all know you cannot live with someone and never be irritated by them, even if that irritation is lovely you love (or not) about them.

Smiles after Naomi's trip as Beth and Simon sign the wedding certificate

Then there were the occasional antics by Liam and Naomi's tripping up into her husband Adam's arms...I hope she won't kill me for this as she was sooo embarrassed and worried about what might have happened.

The bridal party (below)

The reception was held at the Tatra and the staff did an excellent job. The highlight of the evening (the dance) followed some excellent speeches (lets say I learn't a thing or two about my middle son) :)

Kris's speech (photo by Mark Heath)

The Dancing (below) (photos by Mark Heath)

Beth and Simon are rather fond of "So you think you can dance" so we were treated to a lovely romantic dance followed by a hip hop one, showing how no matter what they are always drawn together again. WOW!!! is all I can say....and how did my son do that when he has parents with more than 2 left feet (Yes , we are really that bad)

Beth and Simon had a wonderful evening I'm sure...they looked absolutely radiant.

Dancing with friends and family (photo by Gerard Assi)

Carlo singing (photo by Gerard Assi)

Liam also coped very well...he went for the odd walk with me, his father, David (a close family friend), his cousin Nikki and even had a dance. When proceedings overwhelmed him he shut down and had a sleep. He was wonderful :)

Clare, Amanda, Briana, David & Erica Thomas

I had a lovely time too...I didn't manage to catch up with as many people I wanted too as Liam was my priority. Though it was wonderful catching up with those I did, particularly Clare and David, whom I have known since school and dearly love and their 3 wonderful daughters (they live in Canberra, a mere 6 hour drive away).

We saw the happy couple the next day...I was returning the hired suits after the cup day holiday and to pick up Adam & Naomi's luggage as they were all flying out around the same time. Beth and Simon also took time to update their facebooks...afterall one must be facebook official LOL and see some of the photos taken on the day by other guests. Gerard was up 'til 4 pm...thats keen :).
After a stop back home to finish packing (and get a locksmith to let them in LOL), Kris picked the four of them up and took them to the airport.
Sometimes when people leave, you feel their absence almost as a physical empty place...its suddenly too quiet...even if you are just want to rest in the peace. They are just wonderful people to be around...I just love them.

So Simon & Beth have a wonderful honeymoon, I wish you all the best for the future.
Communicate, hug, forgive and compromise and will uplift and sustain you.

I hope you like the photos, especially those I shamelessly pinched from Gerard's and Mark's facebook page :)

Lots of love and hugs,