Friday, August 27, 2010

Liam at 6

Today was Liam's 6th birthday and he was well :) After several years of him being ill on his birthday, thats now two in a row that he's been fine. Its so good that he's so healthy now :)

Liam 3 days old...and it was the first time I got to hold him or even see him for 2 long days, as we were in different hospitals :(

Liam loves to go to his favourite corner when he gets to school...Mum saying

He is also very very happy.

He absolutely loves his school, loves being with Mummy and Daddy and the pool and going out and coming home. Liam lives very much in the now and now is wonderful :). No wonder he's so healthy :)

The school Liam goes to is an autism specialist school and on a child's birthday, they organise a party for them with balloons, party food, party hats and a present...we bring cake, drink and goodie bags. Its a really nice thing to do. We are also invited...yeah!
As you can see even its no mean feat. Just getting them to put on the hat, however briefly isn't easy. hence its off most of the time. The teacher encourages one child to give Liam his birthday present and then helps him to unwrap you can see he was quite happy with it :)...then came the Happy Birthday song and the lighting and blowing out the candles. All the kids get a chance to do this, which is really good. Liam as you can tell isn't always so keen on this. interested Liam has taken a while and a lot of hard work on the teacher's part as although Liam is pretty easy going in that he is passive-aloof photos show that Liam didn't like the birthday song ( that may exhibit a dislike of bad singing LOL). Wouldn't look at the cake being lit, though he would intensely watch his teacher :)

...its therefore hard to get his attention. He will not necessarily look at what you want him to look at. Kris calls it studious avoidance. Putting it right in his face means "don't look", but you do feel you have to try as its too easy to avoid looking from a distance. It can be quite frustrating at times.

Liam was a little uncertain what to make of the lit candles and cakes approaching him...although you could say he has finally looked at them :D

He did have a go at blowing them out though...he much preferred eating one. This chocolate cake is his absolute fave food, even better than chips :)
Afterwards it was back to the normal school routine (do a almost detect a sigh of relief that its all normal again LOL) with a song and a book. It was fascinating watching the other kids and seeing how interested Liam shows the persistent hard work his teachers have put into him.

As you can see we all had a very good day. Liam was quite happy to slip into the normal school routine again and say goodbye to his parents again :). He was very tired that night though. Turning 6 can be hard work :D

Liam you are an absolute treasure and we adore you. Your cuddles and giggles and wanting dickle dickle (tickling) brighten our days more than you will ever know. Happy Birthday our precious one :)

Lots of hugs, Mum

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tuesday night

I had had to wait for the driving rain and hail to ease before going down to the car for my craft class.

Next day:
"I didn't make it to my craft class last night"
"Why not?" R asked
"Because I couldn't get down the driveway"was the mournfully embarrassed response
R Laughing "why, what was in the driveway?"
I backed out, Kris parks slightly differently to me...should that make a difference. "I couldn't see" I sadly exclaimed
"What happened?" said she
"Oh I went over the sleeper and got bogged in front of the tree. Kris had to rescue the car and I was so upset , he thought I best stay at home. I was sooo upset and cross and embarrassed I couldn't ring and explain why I didn't go"
Last time Kris had driven the car down the driveway, after doing this and covering a visiting friend with mud.
" And to add insult to injury, I was also looking forward to a poo-free night"
Needless to say we both cracked up laughing
Dare I say "Shit happens" LOL

Hugs, Sharon

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bits of this and that

My fave red has transformed.......I know dyelots can vary, but its a totally different colour!!!

Santa in my red's previous incarnation

A little bit of sewing. These 3 stitcheries were also from QFD's Christmas in July and are meant to be the centrepieces of 3 gift bags. I did the first in my fave variegated red (Anchor 1206), but it has since changed :(...the bright pink and deep wine colurs are more like brown and orange :(

The last 2

are using a gorgeous threadworx variegated yarn...I just loved the way the chrissy presents worked out :)

Barb (Theodore Cleave) & Marg Lowe (designs) at the Quilt and Craft Fair, Melbourne. It was great to meet them...sorry this is the only photo I have of the day

It was lovely going to the fair with my sisters, but I missed out on a fair bit due to the size of the crowd on the first just wore me down...I'll think I'll go later next time (not that I didn't get some goodies though, perhaps it was better for my wallet, especially as I had been doing a bit of online naughtiness hee hee hee

Belated showings of lovelies I won in 2 separate giveaways earlier this year.

These gorgeous variegated threads were hand dyed by Amanda Bergamin and

the ever-so cute cow is a wall hanging by Nina Lise Moen (who include some other beauties as you can see in the piccie below).

You will be relieved to hear I have thanked these ladies much earlier...they are sooo late in being posted as I've been a little out of it (not an excuse, just why).
Its also why I've been slack blogging and even reading blogs...all of which makes me feel somewhat disconnected, but I'm getting there :).... I will further add that although I have been negligent lately I have appreciated all the lovely comments that have been made.

The decking is progressing as you can see below. Liam just loves it.

He's not even fully dressed yet :)

The decking after its first coat of paint...really only the top needed to be done at this stage, but we (well Mainly Kris) couldn't waste the lovely sun after the rain and hail of previous days.

Stay well. Hugs, Sharon

Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1st

Its the first day of August and a bit dark and dreary outside. Still only one more month of winter and yesterday was surprisingly warm and sunny. Not bad hey :). Its also Liam's birthday at the end of the month :)...a lovely end to winter.

I've gone to my carer's exercise class now 3 times. The first time I was apprehensive...hey I've never been to a gym before :) I felt great after the class, though my legs waited 'til the still of the night to voice their rather loud protest at such treatment LOL. The following week, I was still uncertain and felt more tired (perhaps I tried harder...we are talking about me though :) and last week I was excited to go. Isn't that grand!

On the home front we've been having a deck built...the post holes were all dug and we were chatting to our neighbours...4 adults making sure 4 children didn't go down a of course I just had to demonstrate what not to do in the name of public safety of course LOL.

So here is well I fell...lucky really as the slope just fell away so I didn't have a sore head as I landed face done and I missed all the rocks.
I felt well.. rather silly really ;)

Kris built a rock wall...a good bit of recycling :). That area looks much much much better now...he did a really good job too...see all that time playing tetris didn't go to waste :D

The rock wall

I took photos and Liam of course discovered his father's pepsi (Ahhhh pure caffeinated sugary cola...heaven for Liam).
He can be quite demanding and doesn't take into consideration such minor difficulties as the can may be empty (well usually its not) or you may be indisposed or asleep as this photo shows. As you can see my DH can sleep through most things.

Liam after coke/pepsi (doesn't care which). Note he cannot drink it directly from the can so he thoughtfully brings a cup as well :)

Liam surveying the work in progress last Sunday

I have also been stitching, but I haven't taken photos yet...will wait until it brightens up a bit.

I'll be back another day with more Christmas in July goodness...shame its over :( Thanks Sarah, you're a star.

Lets all have a wonderful August. Hugs, Sharon