Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yummy !

Lynette Anderson is having a fabulous giveaway here of her latest creation. I just love this quilt. It has cross-stitch, stitchery and applique and is in yummy colours and its a yummy Christmas design. Shhh don't tell Kris, he thinks I have enough xmas stuff already LOL
It would be wonderful if someone I knew or me (well I did say I love this one) won these patterns.

Good luck

Hugs, Sharon

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yellow Sunshine

Gorgeous yellow fat quarters from Quiltsoup

These are the ones I had won on Quiltsoup...well I got busy and forgot to show you...admittedly there was a delay due to Barbara not getting my is not always reliable :). So here they you can see they are quite varied.

She also included patterns of her quilts using her fabric ranges. They do look lovely and fresh.

Must go...I'm supposed to meet Kris for lunch and only Liam is dressed :)

Hugs, Sharon

Edit: For those who are interested, the pattern on the right is free. You can download it from the Henry Glass fabrics site or Quiltsoup here. The Quiltsoup site also has a kit for this pattern if you are interested.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Well I'm organised (I think) for tonight's sleep study. I have my toiletries packed and the clothes I'll need tomorrow. I've also got a book "Suite Francaise" and a Christmas redwork stitchery by Joy Coey :) Lights out at 10.30pm (Kris would freak out)
Kris is dropping me off, though if the Grand Prix goes over time, I may be late. He also thinks he will be picking me up in the morning, but I am not so sure...Kris is not a morning person and he rarely organises Liam. I kind of wish I could be a fly on the wall. Fortunately there is a train station just across the road :)

Actually speaking of the racing...when the V8s were about to start, Liam dragged his father down to the lounge room to watch. He stood right in front of the TV excitedly clasping his hands to his mouth. Then the race started and Liam is jumping up and down in excitement. He lost interest at the end of the race during the talky talky phase, but I'm sure he'll be back for the Grand Prix. He also enjoyed the skiing and other racing fast events during the Olympics. Even its moving fast, Liam loves it :) Stationary cars are so boring LOL.

As for the sleeping, I'm a little uncertain about that as I am a light sleeper and then there will be all those wires attached to me...also how am I supposed to use the facilities during the night with those things attached. Kris has just told Adam that they better find something. Men!

So I hope you all sleep well tonight...I wonder if Liam will party tonight Hmmm.

Hugs, Sharon

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Abbey Lane quilts are having a wonderful giveaway. You could win one of these Abbey bags, which is basically a pincushion attached to a scrapbag...great for when you are sitting comfyly stitching. You can enter here. Your could also win the choice of one or three of their own designs. Just a little note here, their website will not open under mozilla firefox (internet explorer worked just fine though).
The prize is drawn on Monday so don't delay :)

Which of course reminds me my blog anniversary is coming up at the end of April...better start thinking about how I will celebrate :)

Hugs, Sharon

Monday, March 22, 2010

I have a lot to be thankful for. My sons are happy, the weather is beautiful and Liam is on his way home from school. Soon I will be popping outside with a book and a drink and enjoying the sun until the bus arrives. It is perhaps the best part of the day...though sinking into a snuggly bed is pretty good too or the snuggly warm qwerring cuddles I get first thing in the morning (qwerr is Liam's word...its a happy, contented word...i think we all need a word like qwerr)
He is very happy at fact when I popped in an hour or so after dropping him off, he was less than impressed to see me (he has a very expressive face)...sort of what are you doing here, its not time to go yet! He has a marvelous teacher, who I instantly trusted. You know how you sometimes get that feeling about rarely lets you down. I told her today that i though she was doing a wonderful job with Liam as I don't think we tell people enough when we we appreciate what they are doing. Its a shame we are more likely to complain than praise.
I also have to tahnk our relatives, all of whom have accepted Liam without question. This was brought home to be by 2 different experiences:
Aunty Dot's 80th birthday party where Liam's speech interruption was acknowledged with a laugh and thank you and a lack of negative responses to the throwing of various items in the pool and acceptance of such things as a need to lock the front door
The other story concerned a friend of mine, who has a sibling who didn't invite her children because of these same sort of things.

On another matter entirely I am also fortunate as I have won a prize on Kellie's Don't Look Now blog. I always enter any giveaway on her blog as I am yet to see one I haven't wanted...and I have bought a few of her designs too.

Anyway I better go , the bus should arrive in the next 10 mins. How lovely to have my gorgeousness back...well at least until he starts to drive me crazy again LOL

Lots of hugs,

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This and that and Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Suds

It seems the last few weeks have just been well out of the ordinary I guess. I have managed to get behind on my emails and blog-reading and blogging (even housework...but we won't mention that LOL)

I received this lovely package fromBronwyn Hayes...the prize I had won in her giveaway wrapped up in this gorgeous red brolly divine is that :)

We had the mystery of the roses.

"So whats with the roses by the front door" said he
"What roses, what are you talking about?"
"The ones by the front door" he said somewhat exasperated
So I looked and there was a lovely bunch of red roses and no mysterious.
"Where did they come from" said I "there is no note or card
"Perhaps you have a secret admirer" said he
"Who!! " said I as I laughed, "I'm usually hanging out with a bunch of other women."
"Did you get them for me?" I asked as inspiration struck
"NO" said he
"Come has to be you...stop mucking about"
"I wasn't me" he said crossly "I don't do Valentine's Day, because of your father"
"...but its not Valentines there anything special about the 16th?"
"Not that I can think of" said he
Giggling as I put them in flowers I said "Do you suppose some poor guy will wonder whats happened to the roses he sent to his girl....maybe the real ownerwill come knocking on the door asking for them"

We rearranged Liam's bedroom. He had decided right from the word go that he was not sleeping with his head at that end of the bed (where the bedhead was) we had been stuffing stuff under his change table at the foot of the bed to stop him losing his pillows :)

So we've moved Liam's bed he cannot pull the blind out and leave it open...or so we thought. As you can see the solution is not totally Liam-proof, but at least it looks better.

Liam has settled nicely into school and is now even catching the bus home. Kris wants to start him on mornings, but I'm not sure yet. Now is that because of Liam or my social life LOL...guess I've settled in pretty well too. I was chatting with a couple of friends "til gone 10am this morning...well we had decided not to have coffee :), afterall we had had the coffee club yesterday, which finished so late we went on to lunch as we had to be back at school for a 1.15pm meeting. Some of the other coffee club members came too which was pretty cool. As I wasn't driving until 3.00pm, I indulged in a glass of wine...which went straight to my head. We are also going to get-together for lunch on Friday with a friend who went to Irabina with us, but whose son goes to a different school. So that will be really good as we haven't seen her for ages. So apart from this decadent lifestyle, what have I been doing...well we were off sick for a just made Kris' aunt's 80th birthday and Simon & Beth's housewarming.
This is Kris' Aunt Dorothy, with friends and cutting the cake.
Liam is amused by his father's and cousins' antics in the pool.

This had all started beacuse Liam with his water obsession had managed to get half a leg into the water and lets face it it was easier for Kris to borrow somthing than me. Ironically Kris had been quite reluctant, though he ended up enjoying playing with the boys.
Liam"s keeness had dissolved on realising how cold the water was cold (Liam does not like the cold one bit) didn't want to go near it for a while. Mind you by the time we left he had managed to throw in some bottle tops (which his cousins' retrieved), several cubes of ice and a vase of flowers (the flowers were rescued but the vase remained at the bottom of the pool )as no one was willing to get it at that time)

Here's Simon with his crutches after playing he said, his body wanted to do a backhand and his brain wanted to do a forehand, with the result that he went down with a few cracking noises...fortunately he hadn't broken anything, but his leg did swell to twice its normal size by the next day. The housewarming went really well with a little help in the BBQ department from his uncle and father.

Yes but have you done any craft...well a little. I did have a sore wrist for a while (actually don't think that made must difference).

There are these 9 patch blocks I made for Lyn for Ilene's quilt...she and her daughter are going through a difficult time...
and the bag for the SUDs Wishing Well...I just thought it might be nicer than putting it in a card :).

The bag I made for Vikki (of So Useful Designs) & Scott's wedding. You will have to excuse the blurry first photo ( I managed to smear the lens)
The only problem was getting it through the letterbox hole...I may have damaged the wrapping paper LOL
I designed the bag with a little help from Nora (what do I do think? and how do I do it?) :). Nora is great. I also used a design by Jenny of Elefantz on one side and on the other I used the heart applique from one of her designs and added some stitchery of my own. The great thing was it would go well with the ring cushion Jenny had made for the occasion :) in style anyway, if not colour.

So last Friday, I dosed myself up for Vikki's wedding. It was a lovely day and the rain kindly held off. They were so happy. Vikki looked stunning.

Aaron & Rosie, their children (top far left)

Vikki & her brother, Dennis (who came over from England to give her away

Marg (Scott's Mum) and granddaughter, Rosie

Site of the ceremony

The Newlyweds

Vikki & Scott

A hug for Ron (new father-in-law)

Scott's parents

The radiant bride (this beautiful felted shawl and rose on the bag was made by close friend, Narelle...she is a fabulously talented lady

I hope you like the photos of the wedding. It was a lovely occasion for all of us family and friends.

Lots of love,

Monday, March 1, 2010


I've been a little absent lately...settling Liam into school, socialising during the day no less I had almost forgotten what that was like LOL. We've also had an 80th birthday and Simon's house-warming (even though he tried to break his ankle at tennis...fortunatley its not broke, but the its still very sore). Both he and his brother moved into their first homes respectively (within a week of each other). Its been busy and I'm only home today as we all got sick :(
I've spent most of the morning checking up my blogroll...still a few comments to make...but a girl's got to have lunch :) and I was delayed when I had to spend valuable time looking for the mouse (Liam nicked it when I went to make him lunch, so I guess he's feeling a little better :)
It was lovely reading what you have all been up to though :). My wrist is still a bit sore, but hope to be stitching soon :)
Thought I had better explain though...and I will get to replying to my emails, they are of value to me :) and I am certainly going to follow some words of wisdom :) left in them.
Anyway, I'm going to make me some lunch and try and find out where DH left the camera :)

Lots of hugs,