Thursday, October 29, 2009

A win...well maybe LOL

Esther Aliu had this lovely giveaway on her blog. Its called Tulip Delight. Isn't it gorgeous, so I just had to enter.

OK my record at winning giveaways is shall we say non-existent (but I still have a go). So imagine my delighted surprise when I saw my name at the bottom of her winners list. Yes I did check...I was the only Sharon who had left a comment LOL. besides I had an invitation to join her Yahoo group so I could download the instructions.

Well I went to the invitation site and asked to join. No problems I had my invitation. Now all I had to do was enter in the code and that would be that. Ahhh, now why won't my keyboard enter the number three (note I had to type it). OK, so I pretended I didn't get it right and a new code appeared, but six doesn't work either. The third time it had both these numbers. So I checked all the numbers and three, four and six don't work. Arrgh!!!!!!
So having stuffed this up too many times for Yahoos liking they asked me to sign in. Why OH WHy didn't I get Yahoo to save my password. I cannot type that in either.......

So this morning I mentioned my difficulty to DH aka Computer Gremlin. I say this because he had spilt his drink on the keyboard. Imagine If I had done that. His response to my missing numbers was "Does it matter?".
To which I replied: "I can't type in my password"
"Oh...I thought I had fixed it...I'll look at it tonight" said he

Good thing I have a couple of weeks to get to my prize. MEN...can't live without them though and I have a few I'm rather fond of, but.....really they do sometimes try one's patience. Not that I'm ever so trying (they may disagree perhaps) hee hee hee.

Hugs to all, especially my niece Sarah who has her first exam on Friday,


Thursday, October 22, 2009


These are 2 lovely giveaways:


A lovely fat quarter bundle by Red Rooster fabrics is being given away by Brenda at Pumpkin Patch Primitives. Information on how to enter can be found here.
She is an amazing lady who runs a business, does crafting, home-schools and more... I don't know how she does it.
BTW it would be nice if you mention me when you go and check it out :)


Secondly, Kellie from Don't Look Now (who is one of my favourite designers) is celebrating the release of 2 new patterns.
Lilly Pilly (far left)
and Willow.
I will have to get at least one of these. they are soooo gorgeous

Edit: I've ordered Willow...told you I couldn't resist and I haven't done the other pattern I've bought. Naughty me LOL

This is Wish You Were Here (which you can only get by winning it or by attending one of her workshops)
Guess what: This is also something else on my to do list). I'm hoping that once Liam is settled in school I can indulge in this kind of thing. Wouldn't that be yummy :)

You can find out how to enter her giveaway here.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Once upon a time...

Playing games and feasting with The Thomas Family.

Once upon a time a little prince went on a long trip. He was very excited and made lots of gleeful sounds as the cars rushed by. Is there little more exciting than the anticipation of a journey with Shannie & Dahdee, chips for lunch and a cuddle from his older brother and his princess. At least thats what he thought until Dahdee took a strange turn. This is not quite right thought the little prince. The direction is all wrong. What are my parents thinking. He was most concerned.

We drew up to a little castle in Canberra, when long-time family friends lived. This isn't too bad thought the prince. "There's Pingu and the Incredibles and chickens in the garden...and I get to stay up late".
The following day was even more exciting as both of the prince's older brothers & their princesses appeared. There was a feast to be had (though he didn't eat and indeed wished to escape from the table), games to play coke and he even joined Dahdee on guitar hero with his wiggles guitar.
The little prince went to bed early after a long day. His brothers went their separate pair to the north by road, the other pair to the south by air. All seemed content. It was a grand day.

But all was not well..the little prince awoke shivering with cold, then became extremely hot. He wouldn't drink, or allow anyone to further poison him (his view regarding oral medications). Finally he cooled down an slept snuggled into Shannie. He was a little brighter next day so despite the suggestion we return south, northward we went. 5 days of fever and asthma, an excursion to the hospital, with little food or drink and our Prince wanted to go home, even though he adores his older brother. Sometimes there's no place like home. Going further north was out of the was just a matter of when we should go home.

Then there was a call from home. Ronin had left Khya yowling for him in the back yard. She was afraid and alone and he was in the pound.

So as the little prince was now well enough to travel, we took the long journey home and rescued the dog the next day. Both Liam and Ronin were very relieved to be home. Liam slept most of the way home, whereas Ronin steamed up the car, and vibrated it at each set of traffic lights.

Khya gave Her errant friend a thorough sniffing when she saw him (wanting to know exactly what he had been up to and where no doubt). Khya (a husky) was ver happy to have him back home again.
Apparently Shepherds love their rhythms and routines and get quite distressed with changes. Oh no! our dog has autistic tendancies ...and I thought they all had ADHD (LOL).
(There are books called "All dogs have ADHD and all cats have aspergers)

The little Prince started to smile again and gradually recovered from his ordeal. He was over the moon when (by Tuesday) he was in the pool and giving the Kinder assistant and his aide lots of smiles and cuddles at kinder. It was good to see the little prince so happy again, though Shannie & Dahdee were not quite themselves.

The journey was not a complete loss as I did aquire 2 new bras, a pair of runners for myself and Liam and Moroccan spice (from paddy's market) :). We alsohad some lovely chats with Adam & Naomi. Its always good to see them
I also came home to my hugs swap package and my order from Orange Daisy.

It also took me a couple of days to catch up with what everyone had been up to in blogland. My you are a busy lot....can't leave you alone for a second. LOL.

Interestingly enough, one can survive on whats in the frige, freezer and cupboards for a while...though some shortages became critical :)

My booty from orange daisy complete with the free button for the first stitchery (which is featured in Homespun).

Anyway I'm off to go preciousing (that is getting Liam from Kinder.) Its Kris's term. It developed from the days when Adam was a school and Simon at kinder. Simon would constantly want to know when we were going Adaming. We thought it was very cute.

Hope you are all well.

Lots of hugs,

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hugs Swap

My Hugs swap package from Paula arrived while I was away. I wish to apologise for the lateness of this posting due to circumstances I won't go into now. I have at least let her know I have them. It was a lovely package to come home too.
I had let her know that I would not receive them until I got back from my holidays on the 10th.
This is a close up of the angel on the mat. Paula has used some lovely variegated yarns...personally I love variegated yarns so this was very appropriate for me :). I also particularly loved the ribbon so had to show a proper view of this too.
Isn't it gorgeous and it goes so well with the stitchery. Thank you very much Paula. I enjoyed having you as my first ever swap partner. Thanks also to Jenny & Vicki for organising the swap. It was definitely fun and everyone need a hug :)

Just in case you are wondering, this is what I sent Paula (though it looks much nicer on her mug, which you can see on her blog here). I checked out her blog and conveniently (for me) she was organising a fall swap as she loves autumn colours. Ah ha...I think I'll do it in autumn tones :). Mind you I read the instructions for the mat and then forgot all about the seam allowance so the mat was a little smaller than intended. So its read twice, measure twice ....make sure you have added the seam allowance...check...then cut :)
Oh well we live and learn (LOL)

Anyway I think I might have a hot lemon tea in my hugged mug :)

Hugs to all,