Sunday, July 26, 2009

Remember This

Remember this

well, once I had sewn on the other filler strip and set of blocks, I realised I had a problem. The filler strips were shorter than the block strips. Arrrgh...perhaps I should have measured :). In my defense (very weak rationalisation here) I was so pleased all my chequerboard blocks met at their points that I didn't think to measure the completed block.
One thing I learnt...measure the blocks...I could easily have made the stitchery blocks and heart blocks a little bigger, or adjusted my seam allowances but...
However, I also know me too well so cannot guarantee I have learned my lesson well enough to do it next time. So I could be in this sticky mess again LOL

Anyway I just left it for a while, hoping it would go away LOL or for a quick fix. In the end I bit the bullet and started undoing them...I got the two end strips sorted out before Liam got tonsillitis. So this week I am going to sort out the middle strip. Hopefully all will be well.

BTW, Liam let himself out of his bedroom for the first time this morning. I had just gotten up to get him as I could hear him rattling his door knob, when I saw him coming down the hallway. He hopped into bed with us (between the two of us of course) and then happily snuggled in. It was all very cozy for half an hour until he decided it was time to get up (by pushing me out of bed with his legs). Imp LOL

Thanks for the get well wishes. It was much appreciated. Lots of hugs for all.

I would also like to thank the lovely Sue for the thumb pincushions she sent me. They are really cute. My sister Jen had just brought me home (we had been to the craft show with our other sister), when Kris gave me the package. A lovely end to a day out don't you think. My sisters and I had a fun, but tiring day out.
I'm sorry I don't have a photo to show you, but you can see them here. The two I received were like the ones on the top and right of the picture, though I gave Jen the orange one. Liam ran off with the red packaging. He loves red.
It is also very worthwhile to read the story behind these pincushions (it just shows what a lovely person Sue is) and there's a tutorial to make them too.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Out of Action

Liam has recovered from his tonsillitis and I am slowly recovering from bronchitis. Liam's tonsils will be part of our discussions with his paediatrician. Thank you for the good wishes, advice, kind comments and hugs :).
Unfortunately sewing and even reading were not an option.

I believe I owe my youngest son an apology. When Kris suggested I needed to see a doctor, I just couldn't be bothered. I felt so awful, I just wanted to be left alone. I only went the next day as he insisted (what a nag LOL). So how can I expect my almost 5 year old not to feel the same and just want to be left alone or have an occasional cuddle. I guess sometimes you just need someone else to recognise you need help, no matter how old or verbal or stubborn :) you may be.

Any way on a brighter note, Liam started at Mt. Evelyn today. He actually lasted the whole 6 hours, even though he has only been there once before. It felt rather empty here without him, but the chance to rest was great and Kris could go to work.
He arrived home absolutely exhausted though, as happy to be home as he had been to leave in the morning. Even an autistic child gets bored with the same DVDs, TV, same 4 walls... after a while, but they are comforting to come home to :)

And I got a big hug too :) Liam is very snuggly.

Friday, July 17, 2009


One of the difficulties with having an autistic child is the lack of communication. He cannot tell me how he feels.

This can present itself in many ways. For example if he is wakeful through the night: is it because he slept too long during the day, was disturbed by something that happened during the day, his routine is upset so it doesn't matter whether its day or night, is unwell or feels refreshed and happy so who cares what time it is). So the next day when he is tired and lethargic, well he didn't sleep well last night...lets continue the routine to help it stop happening again. This usually works, but occasionally you notice he hasn't eaten breakfast (not uncommon), or lunch (hmmm), hes not drinking as much, he's quiet, and the final straw is he watched half of Playschool without a complaint (he would have to be asleep or...). So you keep him at home, then observe that he seems to occasionally screw up his body, come for a hug, look uncomfortable then run off seemingly fine and his bowel hasn't moved.
Right...he must have a stomach bug. So I organise to see the doctor. Kris comes home. Liam seems a lot better. Are we/me making a fuss? Anyway we go...
To my complete surprise he has acute tonsillitis, his throat is red raw and his tonsils have swollen and are touching. He had this at least 3 times in as many months last year. How could I not know?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Being Grandma/ Nana

One of the first thing we learnt at the PECS course was the concept of "being Grandma". Children love their grandmothers. Why? Because they are the source of all good things...they give the child whatever they want. Consequently they love to go to grandma's and will tend to do the odd little thing she asks of them, where they may resist doing it for Mum.
Therefore when you first meet a "student" its important to have lots of things around he might want...he then sees you as a source of good things and the therapist gets to see what motivates him.

OK...I obviously have one small problem. I am can I be grandma too? The presenter said just pick times to be grandma. It makes sense, every child, indeed everybody liked to be "spoiled" on occasion. I know I do ;) I feel much more mellow and happy to do the things I have to afterwards.

Yesterday Liam and I went to the supermarket.

Liam loves the supermarket...there's lots of lovely aisles (great running tracks). There's colour.
Mum of course views all this with some trepidation. He could disappear.
I have dropped everything before and ran...there's no point yelling. (he won't respond and he's in running heaven). Furthermore there are lovely moving vehicles outside...therefore I cannot leave the front of the shop if I lose sight of him. I cannot risk him getting outside. (but what is he doing? Even running has its dangers, he won't necessarily take notice of anyone/anything else. What if he's got into something? I know he never has before, but...)
He may also collapse on the ground (I don't want to do this, go here, leave here...whatever). Hes not easy to pick up. Then there's waiting in queues (hard enough in itself, without being stuck between other people, bags and trolleys). Its also not easy paying for your shopping and holding on to your son at the same time.

I had a few items to get, a bag that sat across my body and both hand free. I was, therefore more relaxed. Liam was also very happy. He had had a good morning at his holiday programme and he was not tired. He was quite happy to hold my hand, even when I was happy to let go of his hand and let him have a bit of a run. It was a good positive experience.