Thursday, July 23, 2009

Out of Action

Liam has recovered from his tonsillitis and I am slowly recovering from bronchitis. Liam's tonsils will be part of our discussions with his paediatrician. Thank you for the good wishes, advice, kind comments and hugs :).
Unfortunately sewing and even reading were not an option.

I believe I owe my youngest son an apology. When Kris suggested I needed to see a doctor, I just couldn't be bothered. I felt so awful, I just wanted to be left alone. I only went the next day as he insisted (what a nag LOL). So how can I expect my almost 5 year old not to feel the same and just want to be left alone or have an occasional cuddle. I guess sometimes you just need someone else to recognise you need help, no matter how old or verbal or stubborn :) you may be.

Any way on a brighter note, Liam started at Mt. Evelyn today. He actually lasted the whole 6 hours, even though he has only been there once before. It felt rather empty here without him, but the chance to rest was great and Kris could go to work.
He arrived home absolutely exhausted though, as happy to be home as he had been to leave in the morning. Even an autistic child gets bored with the same DVDs, TV, same 4 walls... after a while, but they are comforting to come home to :)

And I got a big hug too :) Liam is very snuggly.


  1. Hi Sharon,
    I'm glad Liam is over his tonsillitis and feeling better.
    I'm not sure what Mt Evelyn is, however it's great that Liam came home happy and tired and some Time Out for you.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Best wishes to all of you. keep up your spirits we are here for you at least virtually.

  3. Hi Sharon!
    I'm glad you are both feeling better! There have been so many nasties around this Winter.

    Great too that Liam enjoyed school - I bet a big weight lifted off your shoulders when he came home all happy and contented and snuggly!

    Love and hugs!
    vikki xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. It's scary when our kids move to the next phase isn't it!! But at least with Liam he'll always be happy and always be looking for a hug when he gets home!
    Thanx for a fun day today too - glad you were well enough to make it!