Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Adam: he was such a gorgeous little boy

On Wednesday June 2nd (this post has been going in fits and starts) we celebrated a double birthday. Our eldest son was born on DH's 21st his amazement (DH that is), I was upset that I hadn't had a chance to buy him a birthday present LOL. Silly me.
Even at 21, I didn't believe in love at first sight...I was sooo wrong. My first sight of my son filled me with an overwhelming rush of love...Wow...who would have, who thought I didn't have a maternal bone in my body :) Kris was very relieved, he thought I would give birth...then my part would be over as far as I was concerned :)

Adam, still gorgeous :)

Adam is an absolute sweetheart, even if he won't let me tickle him anymore and retaliates by tickling me back...I ask you is that fair :). He's usually (except when he first got his license or perhaps when he's competing against his brother) been sensible and responsible. In primary school, we got caught up in traffic and arrived home after they did...he had left a message on our door saying he and his brother were at a friends' house further down the street. As a matter of fact Kris and I have often thought he's more mature that we are :D How many times have I seen that "Yes Mother" look when he thinks I'm said something silly like I'm not old enough to have you, when clearly he is here :D, but then he has been mistaken for my little brother and on one memorable occasion when Kris and Simon were away as my toyboy...he was not amused to say the least...and I have to confess this was quite a while ago, though his lack of amusement was I suspect when we are with him, people wonder who Liam's parents are...I feel almost like an instant granny then LOL
When he was a baby he had the most gorgeous pout (shhhh don't tell anyone, but Naomi says he still has it :D). He does have a lovely wife :) His relationship with his brother has had its typical ups and downs as they've grown up. From the infamous "but Simon...", which started shortly after Simon's birth to his surprise at how much he missed his brother when he moved out and went to Sydney. Adam loves coming home to Melbourne, and though he loves to see us all particularly his baby brother, Simon is Melbourne's biggest drawcard :) I look look forward to seeing him or hearing his voice on the phone.

Adam, Simon, Beth and Kris, Blue Mountains 2010

Oh damm and blast it...blogger has lost half of my post and I cannot remember what I wouldn't save and it wouldn't post and the net is superslow cos a certain person went mad on downloading and we are capped at snails pace...Should I complain when its a post saying how much I appreciate him and I do...we have a wonderful computer, he's always updating it and frequently sorts out my problems with it too, but....Well you cannot live with someone and never have them drive you mad. Someone I once knew someone who said that even his (her husband's breathing) was driving her mad at the moment LOL. BTW, I've just reread this and I hope you realise its not just the computer I appreciate him for.

Kris & I congratulating Adam on his wedding day LOL

Kris and I have been married for 28 that time I've decided women only nag because men don't listen, men like to be appreciated for picking up a everything, but for women its expected and women are the stronger sex, because they keep going even when they are sick, whereas men are dying LOL. Now I'm sure its just a sniffle and if he's sooo sick why is he on the computer LOL. Now I'm sure I drive him crazy too, but on the whole things are good. He's funny, bright and cuddly and passionate about flight simulator and anything else he's interested Simon he doesn't do things by halves...also like Simon (maybe worse), when he doesn't like something or is not interested you know about it. He has always been great with the boys, whom he a matter of fact he is doing a musicking therapy programme with Liam today :) Our children are his pride and joy (and mine too :)) Though he did experience some difficulty letting them go as they grew up as Adam can best attest :)
As for me, perhaps my favourite times are when we are having a chat...preferably in bed at the end of the day when Liam is asleep...its so warm and comfortable and intimate :) I miss him just thinking about it.

Latest photo of the 5 of you can see Liam was not in the mood and he doesn't ever fake it :D

We got Naomi to take this photo while we were all in Sydney at the last minute of course :)

Happiest times are together

Lots of love, Sharon

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Giveaway Winner

Well better late than never I guess....I couldn't seem to get the widget working on my page...
I went to the site...chose a colour layout, copied the code and pasted onto a post I was preparing (looked like gobblydook to me; so I previewed numbers, but would it save...NO! Arrgggghhh.
So after a few more tries, I decided to make use of Liam random....but he arrived home from school somewhat out of didn't help that I had lost track of time, suddenly saw it was 4.03 pm(he arrives about 4.00pm ish)...had to turn off the stove (well he has arrived over 10 mins later than this). Saw the bus as soon as I got to the steps. Oopppps am I in trouble with the little one. He was a little sullen...knocked over a couple of dining table chairs and got all tearful. My fault really :(
He was also hungry ( not a mood improver). He was better about 5 mins later, but still a trifle unstable, so I decided not to risk Liam
BTW it didn't stop him having a party in the middle of the night...he was quite cold when he got into bed with us and wasted no time burrowing into its depths. He was Mr. Snoozy this morning...he suckle snoozed his milk, I dressed him in bed...then transferred him to Daddy...where he snuggled in and started snoring. Still he seemed happy enough to get up and go to school.

I've just gone to the site, put in me numbers and generated the winning number.
Anyway without further ado the winner is Comment No#5
Ok will just check who this is :) Angelina

yes, congrats to you. blogging is fun. living in a country with little personal connections, i feel blogging is a social outlet for myself.

So Angelina if you send me your snail address this lovely kit will be winging its way to you.

Hugs, Sharon