Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Giveaway Winner

Well better late than never I guess....I couldn't seem to get the random.org widget working on my page...
I went to the site...chose a colour layout, copied the code and pasted onto a post I was preparing (looked like gobblydook to me; so I previewed it....cool...inserted numbers, but would it save...NO! Arrgggghhh.
So after a few more tries, I decided to make use of Liam random....but he arrived home from school somewhat out of sorts....it didn't help that I had lost track of time, suddenly saw it was 4.03 pm(he arrives about 4.00pm ish)...had to turn off the stove (well he has arrived over 10 mins later than this). Saw the bus as soon as I got to the steps. Oopppps am I in trouble with the little one. He was a little sullen...knocked over a couple of dining table chairs and got all tearful. My fault really :(
He was also hungry ( not a mood improver). He was better about 5 mins later, but still a trifle unstable, so I decided not to risk Liam random.org
BTW it didn't stop him having a party in the middle of the night...he was quite cold when he got into bed with us and wasted no time burrowing into its depths. He was Mr. Snoozy this morning...he suckle snoozed his milk, I dressed him in bed...then transferred him to Daddy...where he snuggled in and started snoring. Still he seemed happy enough to get up and go to school.

I've just gone to the random.org site, put in me numbers and generated the winning number.
Anyway without further ado the winner is Comment No#5
Ok will just check who this is :) Angelina

yes, congrats to you. blogging is fun. living in a country with little personal connections, i feel blogging is a social outlet for myself.

So Angelina if you send me your snail address this lovely kit will be winging its way to you.

Hugs, Sharon

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  1. Lieve Sharon ~ Oh dear, how the computer sometimes makes us forget the time. But it seems like Liam got settled very fast and he feels so good and comfortable with you and his daddy!
    BTW congrats to the winner!
    Have a lovely day, my dear friend. xo