Sunday, September 20, 2009

Moving On

The final assessment is over. Finally! Shaking off the mud commencing now woo hoo.
So from now on things should start being more what Liam can do rather than what he cannot. It was a bit like being caught in the middle of a mud fight. You know its going to be dirty and its unavoidable, but you are not prepared for the weight of the mud clinging to you. The best thing though is that my little treasure is mud-proof and came through the whole process as clean as when it started. Good thing he has autism, otherwise he might have been embarrassed to be seen out with his muddy mother LOL

I have also done a couple of workshops. A day of beginners quilting with Veronique Diligent at Sandlyn House. We were all quite proud of ourselves by the end of the class and Veronique is a lovely person and patient teacher. The other ladies in the class were also lovely and I found someone who can out chatterbox me!!!! (Vikki, Deb & Nora its TRUE, you will believe me if you ever meet the delightfully chatty Janet Rowe).

Unfortunately I took theses photos at home, in class photos would have been much more interesting. But Look I actually quilted...Ta maybe its not totally beyond me.

The next class I signed up for was Missy Moo's bag of the month club using these gorgeous fabrics. As there is a fair bit of appliquing to do s not much else to show, but its really great doing this as I have only made the one bag (a few years ago) before and lack confidence with 3D work.

I also spent a bit of time chatting to Vikki who was visiting (buying buttons methinks having read her blog :))
Well classes are not just about the sewing are they...socialising , chatting and getting to know people are also very important.

And just to let you know I haven' been entirely idle during my fortnightly Tuesday craft classes (also at Missy Moo with the wonderful Nora and a group of lovely ladies). I've sewn all these pinwheels and almost sorted out my filler strips.

Also there has been chatting, laughing and chasing Nora around with a camera, the others were stuck around the table so couldn't escape so easily tee hee hee (Kerry's fault really LOL). Unfortunately blogger is refusing to play anymore so cannot show you any of this (signs of relief all round LOL)

Love and hugs to all,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Fine Group of "Nutters"

You may have read about this new blog on any one of the nine established or emerging designers which comprise it (one of whom I am fortunate enough to know personally :).
They initially teased us with hints of a secret to be revealed on the 15th Sept, but then we (me and other blog readers) noticed the same tease on a number of sites. Too much of a coincidence...apparently not LOL

They are offering their own designs for us to download and each designer will be announcing a giveaway on the 16th. Anyway enough from me :)

So in a nutshell go to this blog Among the Gumtrees and check it out. You will read the profiles of the designers and find links to their individual blogs.

Hugs to all,

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hug Swap 2009

ooohhh I've entered a swap :) a little nervous and rather excited as I haven't done it before, but this one...well we all need a hug sometimes (I'm a little greedy in this department, always have been) :).
In fact when it was suggested that Liam's hugs may not be affection, but satisfying a high propreoceptive (I don't know if I've spelled this right) need, I was initially upset, until I realised that I too have a high propreoceptive need. I love to give hugs. In fact a certain nephew says that the problem with Aunty Sharon is that she hugs too much....and I thought I had been rather restrained with him as I don't hug just anyone and I don't like to hug someone who would rather not (maybe its the mere threat of a hug that he is concerned about) LOL

Anyway back to the swap...after several failures I've managed to add the piccie to my sidebar (and it actually works). I've tried it several times so I know it works now anyway :)
This swap was organised by Jenny of Elefantz and Vicki of Tozz's corner.
This will be fun

love to all

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Toni's Giveaway

Toni Alexander of the Red Boot Quilt Co. has a giveaway on her blog. Its an adorable teddy quilt pattern called "The Beary Bunch" . She has made it up in 2 colourways and sizes. See a pic of it here, its worth checking out. I would have included a pic, but as I haven't asked permission, though I better not. If you go and look check out her other quilts...there are other yummy ones there. She is drawing the winner on Sunday 6th.

My lap-sized version of Ruby (otherwise known as "Whoops a Daisy"). It was "whoops a daisy" in Australian Homespun No.49 Vol.8No.6, though Toni calls it "Ruby".

I made it for my mother-in-law in 2005. She was very ill and had trouble keeping warm. I wanted to do something for her that would help so I thought I'd make a quilt, but what. I started going through my magazines, but nothing seemed quite right, when this edition of Homespun arrived in the post. As soon as I saw Toni's quilt I knew it would be perfect (if I made it a little smaller (lap-sized)). It was colourful and cheerful ( with gorgeous daisies on it) and made using flannels. I set to work and finished it in record time (for me). Most people who know me know that without a deadline things are apt to move along at shall we say a rather gentle pace Lol.

Margaret loved the quilt. She loved the primary colours, the flowers and its snuggly feel and most importantly it helped keep her warm in her last year. Unfortunately it went missing :( , but at least it served its purpose :)