Sunday, September 20, 2009

Moving On

The final assessment is over. Finally! Shaking off the mud commencing now woo hoo.
So from now on things should start being more what Liam can do rather than what he cannot. It was a bit like being caught in the middle of a mud fight. You know its going to be dirty and its unavoidable, but you are not prepared for the weight of the mud clinging to you. The best thing though is that my little treasure is mud-proof and came through the whole process as clean as when it started. Good thing he has autism, otherwise he might have been embarrassed to be seen out with his muddy mother LOL

I have also done a couple of workshops. A day of beginners quilting with Veronique Diligent at Sandlyn House. We were all quite proud of ourselves by the end of the class and Veronique is a lovely person and patient teacher. The other ladies in the class were also lovely and I found someone who can out chatterbox me!!!! (Vikki, Deb & Nora its TRUE, you will believe me if you ever meet the delightfully chatty Janet Rowe).

Unfortunately I took theses photos at home, in class photos would have been much more interesting. But Look I actually quilted...Ta maybe its not totally beyond me.

The next class I signed up for was Missy Moo's bag of the month club using these gorgeous fabrics. As there is a fair bit of appliquing to do s not much else to show, but its really great doing this as I have only made the one bag (a few years ago) before and lack confidence with 3D work.

I also spent a bit of time chatting to Vikki who was visiting (buying buttons methinks having read her blog :))
Well classes are not just about the sewing are they...socialising , chatting and getting to know people are also very important.

And just to let you know I haven' been entirely idle during my fortnightly Tuesday craft classes (also at Missy Moo with the wonderful Nora and a group of lovely ladies). I've sewn all these pinwheels and almost sorted out my filler strips.

Also there has been chatting, laughing and chasing Nora around with a camera, the others were stuck around the table so couldn't escape so easily tee hee hee (Kerry's fault really LOL). Unfortunately blogger is refusing to play anymore so cannot show you any of this (signs of relief all round LOL)

Love and hugs to all,


  1. OMG! I totally feel for you. After Jack's second multifactor evaluation in the schools, I was a wreck. At three points during that painful hour, I had to make myself not burst into tears. It was so unrelentingly negative, and even though I knew it all, hearing it all reported at one time was totally overwhelming. I much prefer IEP meetings, where goals are set and strategies for achieving them discussed. Much more positive.


    And the quilts are lovely! What a great form of therapy that must be for you, like me with my papercrafts!

  2. YAY - onward and upward - and especially craftward - LOL. Looks and sounds like you've been having FUN! Will have to get some quilting tips from you!!!

  3. Well done on the quilting - not something I will master in the near future. Those fabrics are very pretty and your pinwheels are amazing. Glad to hear there is a positive outcome for your little person. Oh and I just came here because your blog name intrigued and entertained me, Thanks.

  4. I am glad to hear there is a postive outcome too. It must be hard to hear all the negatives all the time. I am glad to hear there are always good things to hear. I thought I would share a blog that I visit regularly now her name is Sue and she provides all these great free sites and different visuals for children with autism I thought it was great she gave me some great ideas for my son. Thought I would let you know as well
    hope you are well.