Saturday, May 29, 2010



Gosh its hard to believe that this young man, about to be married, a marketing manager, new home owner is that cheeky little boy with the messiest room (except perhaps my craft room...well maybe not as his room was a bit of a black hole LOL). Perhaps thats why he lost so many things :). I know, I had to replace them, find them and clean up his room when he vacated...though I miss him too :)
A teacher once asked to see one of his parents about his lack of organizational skills (that didn't work out so well as DH fell asleep on the couch instead of going....needless to say she never asked again :D)

It has been a wonderful 25 years though. He's made me laugh and made me cry (sometimes joy and sometimes anger too). He's very intelligent, affectionate, sensitive, passionate and charming (fortunately a lot more than he realises) and sometimes thats half the trouble as he cruised through school and uni. His prep teacher said that you just couldn't stay mad with him for long and people have often been drawn to him because of his passion. When he is interested in something ( be it sport, music or some other task) it is wholeheartedly, if not well .... We used to call him Bruce (McAcvaney, a sports commentator) as he has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of sports of interest (tennis & F1 especially). The highlight of his time with the Olympic band in Sydney 2000 was "I stood next to the second fastest man in the world and got to speak to Andrew Gaze (Australian basketballer)...he was pumped. This passion has extended itself into the work arena as well.
And how many tennis racquets did he break?! :)...he was always a bit a a perfectionist when it came to his sport...frequently managing to defeat himself in the process. I threatened to disqualify him once and then introduced a fine system...if he lost his temper too many times he had to buy me a book...what do I get he get to not buy me a book LOL. He got into remote control racing, even getting sponsorship and travelling overseas and entertaining the crowd between events at the Commonwealth games in Melbourne (Mum! it felt great having this huge stadium cheer on my remote car...) He also wrote articles in a remote control car racing magazine and set up a web site. On the funny side, on one trip to an interstate meet, rather odd noises were coming from the toilet....he was cleaning an engine as well as....... :D
He has listened to me when I've been in tears, he has changed Liam's nappy: once rescuing his brother and Naomi in the process (Adam had torn of the side tabs), he has got cross and worried with us when we haven't let him know where we are or he cannot communicate with us (most famously with his brother and SIL when they were on their honeymoon LOL).

Beth, Simon, Adam & Naomi at the Blue Mountains (Easter 2010)

I remember when the boys were little and had been fighting...I would stop them and demand they tell me 10 things that were good about their brother...there was usually stony silence, then we had to reduce the number of things they had to say (they were now allies :). Eventually they got sneaky saying "he has me for a brother" :D
Of course now that they both have mature brains (apparently brains do not mature until you are 25 LOL) they have no problems admitting how important they are to each other :).

Naturally Kris and I adore them, warts and all :)

BTW, I haven't forgotten the giveaway...will do it on Sunday my time as I just wanted to do this post first...hopefully Google won't let me down as it won't save.

Give your children a hug whenever they let you :)
Hugs, Sharon

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blogaversary Giveaway...well 1 year, 1 month and 1day LOL

This is a piccie of my giveaway... its a pincushion kit, that was part of the pincushion of the month club a couple of years ago. I love the material, the ribbon and the especially the little rose pin that goes on top (seriously thought about keeping it :), but it doesn't really fit my personality...I'm not a prettily, softly pink and green fact I rarely even wear a dress or skirt (poor Kris LOL) I thought it should go to a more deserving home. Just leave a message here if you are interested :)

Just over a year ago I started my blog...I had mentioned (in passing) being interested in doing one to my younger sister. Fatal mistake thing I knew she had me on the computer...saying well what do you want to call it... :). My sister doesn't allow me to procrastinate over stuff she thinks will benefit me...and she is sooo right. For although I can be a little careless at times, blogging has been wonderful for me. I have met some fabulous people and I can honestly say blogland is on the whole a wonderfully generous, supportive and inspiring land. It allowed me to connect and re-connect to people again. And laugh...some of you are soooo funny. What can be better than laughter, inspiration and friendship!

Is been a big year for me...blogging being one of the best, Liam started school (and he loves it), Adam and Simon bought their first homes and I've even got a social life again YEAH. Then there's been the little things...a new lounge suite (does anyone know how annoying it is not to have a couch to lie on for a months), a new oven (we hadn't had one for a year or so after the one we had failed...we needed it for Christmas dinner), Liam's trampoline (it only sat in its box for 5 or 6 months). Adam noted on his last visit home that it had been the most change he had seen here for
years LOL And next year, according to the child I once was, I will be officially "old"... think I will have to review always seemed so far away before. Hey I'm not even a grandmother yet...shhhhdon't let the boys hear me say that...I jokingly asked Simon if I should put an order in for one for my next birthday...tee hee hee. Thought better of teasing Adam though. Afterall I do have Liam :D you can see Liam likes the trampoline, especially if Kris or me is in there too...not to mention the good looking (eye contact) we get :)

Hope you all have had a fun year,

Hugs, Sharon

Monday, May 10, 2010

Once upon a time in a far distant land, on May 10th, a little girl was born. Here she is at one and at 5 weeks with her mother.

Over time she ended up on the far side of the planet. She has had good days and mad days and sad days and trips to Mars and other adventures along the way. Did I mention dogs, birds, friends, fish, sisters, sons and a husband (not necessarily in that order :). She is loved and loves (sometimes her family think she overdoes the son tried to put her on a hug ration...he would have loved a finish box LOL).... and experienced devastating loss and wild joy.
She has started a blog...and neglected it, managed to miss her blogaversary (well where did April go? ...then seemed to not know where to start and had her camera lost (I blame himself...he says it was my camera ergo....lets not go there, its gone gone gone).
Today started with an extended koala snuggle from my little love, and emails from my sister and eldest son. I hadn't expected Adam to do that, so I felt quite touched. It continued with a day out with my beloved. Simon& Beth brought over dinner last night for Mothers Day and my birthday. Its been a good day.

BTW, I will sort out the about I year and one month....just need a camera for the giveaway :)

Hugs, Sharon

Edit. I won a giveaway today...hows that for perfect timing. I won a gorgeous Moo quilt from the talented Nina Lise. You can find her here...she well worth a look :)