Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blogaversary Giveaway...well 1 year, 1 month and 1day LOL

This is a piccie of my giveaway... its a pincushion kit, that was part of the pincushion of the month club a couple of years ago. I love the material, the ribbon and the especially the little rose pin that goes on top (seriously thought about keeping it :), but it doesn't really fit my personality...I'm not a prettily, softly pink and green fact I rarely even wear a dress or skirt (poor Kris LOL) I thought it should go to a more deserving home. Just leave a message here if you are interested :)

Just over a year ago I started my blog...I had mentioned (in passing) being interested in doing one to my younger sister. Fatal mistake thing I knew she had me on the computer...saying well what do you want to call it... :). My sister doesn't allow me to procrastinate over stuff she thinks will benefit me...and she is sooo right. For although I can be a little careless at times, blogging has been wonderful for me. I have met some fabulous people and I can honestly say blogland is on the whole a wonderfully generous, supportive and inspiring land. It allowed me to connect and re-connect to people again. And laugh...some of you are soooo funny. What can be better than laughter, inspiration and friendship!

Is been a big year for me...blogging being one of the best, Liam started school (and he loves it), Adam and Simon bought their first homes and I've even got a social life again YEAH. Then there's been the little things...a new lounge suite (does anyone know how annoying it is not to have a couch to lie on for a months), a new oven (we hadn't had one for a year or so after the one we had failed...we needed it for Christmas dinner), Liam's trampoline (it only sat in its box for 5 or 6 months). Adam noted on his last visit home that it had been the most change he had seen here for
years LOL And next year, according to the child I once was, I will be officially "old"... think I will have to review always seemed so far away before. Hey I'm not even a grandmother yet...shhhhdon't let the boys hear me say that...I jokingly asked Simon if I should put an order in for one for my next birthday...tee hee hee. Thought better of teasing Adam though. Afterall I do have Liam :D you can see Liam likes the trampoline, especially if Kris or me is in there too...not to mention the good looking (eye contact) we get :)

Hope you all have had a fun year,

Hugs, Sharon


  1. Hi Sharon...congratulations on your blogaversary...I agree there's lots of laughter, inspiration and friendship in blogging...Wishing you very many more blogaversarys...Dzintra♥x

  2. Congratulations on your first wonderful year. I am glad I found you...

  3. Hi Sharon,
    Thank goodness we lucky enough to have great sisters!
    Happy 1st blogaversary and I love reading the happenings of your lifes up and downs.
    Sooo nice to read you're having some "me time" and life is moving smoothly ahead for you.
    Such a pretty giveaway you're having!
    happy creating,

  4. Sharon...just found your blog isn't it great fun I'm the pink & green (favorite colors) type so would love to have your beautiful giveaway come live with me fingers crossed!!

  5. yes, congrats to you. blogging is fun. living in a country with little personal connections, i feel blogging is a social outlet for myself.

  6. congrats Sharon! I love the bottom picture of you and Liam...wonderful, and there is nothing like a trampoline to get the 5 year old in you playing!!!!! Have a jumpin' good time!

  7. congratulations Sharon on your 1st blogaversary Heres to many more! Love the trampoline, as for the oven, I have not had one for 12 years! and still don't have one!

  8. Congratulations on your anniversary! So happy I met you (O: Please don't add me to the giveaway. I was in the same pincushion club.
    Your pictures with Liam are so special. Wonderful the way he looks at you.

  9. Hi Sharon, has it been a year? Cant believe the things can happen in such a short time. I agree whole-heartedly with you about the friends you meet through the blogs we write.... I feel like I've known some of them all my life. And as for that Debbie, well, she's responsible for a thing or two in my life (think shelves of stamps and embellishments and paper).... I'm glad she got into blogging too.

  10. Hi Sharon....Congrats on your blog anniversary. So much fun and I enjoy reading your blog :) I too dont have an oven but wish I did....I miss not having one. hugs Vicki

  11. Yep - that sure is awesome eye contact. Brilliant.
    Wishing you all lots of happy jumping :)

  12. I love your blog Sharon and often think of your journey. I love the saying you have up the top - my oldest is also on the spectrum and I have really learnt to take joy in the little things.