Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Breaking the Ice

Well...I'm not quite sure what to say...
I would have said I was disappearing for a while or a season or two, but it was totally unplanned. Then I wasn't sure how to break the ice. its not like I had a good excuse. And as far as the world is concerned...the news has just been heart-breaking. The one in a hundred year events seemingly all happening on a weekly basis. So many people have lost so much. All my family is well...and safe. I have much to be thankful for.

So what am I doing here now...well I've been waiting for the heater man to come since the end of last week, my Homespun has decided to wander off on its own and my jaw has been throbbing since Friday. So as I was stuck at home, in a disagreeable mood and I thought perhaps now was the time LOL Pathetic really!!!

Yesterday was my 29th wedding anniversary, I'm turning 50 this year and my baby (for 19 years until Liam) got married last year. Wow that went fast. It doesn't seem quite right really.
He (Simon) even got me onto facebook...well when your sister rings you and asks what you thought of the photos and how he is posting stuff during his honeymoon...well I am human LOL
Then Adam and Naomi went to Japan (which they loved)...such beautiful people they said. They weren't as far north, but....

Christmas went well...fortunately there are 12 days of Christmas and I finished my last gift on the 11th day (well except for the one I have yet to send). New Years eve was wonderfully calm and quiet. Perfect!
I kind of shut-down over January...it went on so long that I have realised that I had been doing it for years (just never as long before). Perhaps it was the weather...why anyone would ever voluntarily have a sauna is beyond me. It was a weird summer.
Now my beautiful boy is back at school, which he just loves and I've come out of my slumber :)

Hugs, Sharon