Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hug Swap 2009

ooohhh I've entered a swap :) a little nervous and rather excited as I haven't done it before, but this one...well we all need a hug sometimes (I'm a little greedy in this department, always have been) :).
In fact when it was suggested that Liam's hugs may not be affection, but satisfying a high propreoceptive (I don't know if I've spelled this right) need, I was initially upset, until I realised that I too have a high propreoceptive need. I love to give hugs. In fact a certain nephew says that the problem with Aunty Sharon is that she hugs too much....and I thought I had been rather restrained with him as I don't hug just anyone and I don't like to hug someone who would rather not (maybe its the mere threat of a hug that he is concerned about) LOL

Anyway back to the swap...after several failures I've managed to add the piccie to my sidebar (and it actually works). I've tried it several times so I know it works now anyway :)
This swap was organised by Jenny of Elefantz and Vicki of Tozz's corner.
This will be fun

love to all


  1. a hug right back at you. I think we turn into huggers as we get older, don't you think?

  2. Oooh what fun!!! And I wonder who that certain nephew may be - LOL - think he was warned by his sister ;)
    Enjoy your swap and plenty of hugs!

  3. You can come and give me a high anyday.

  4. oops sorry for that spelling mistake, it was supposed to say you can come and give me a hug
    anyday. he he he.........