Friday, July 17, 2009


One of the difficulties with having an autistic child is the lack of communication. He cannot tell me how he feels.

This can present itself in many ways. For example if he is wakeful through the night: is it because he slept too long during the day, was disturbed by something that happened during the day, his routine is upset so it doesn't matter whether its day or night, is unwell or feels refreshed and happy so who cares what time it is). So the next day when he is tired and lethargic, well he didn't sleep well last night...lets continue the routine to help it stop happening again. This usually works, but occasionally you notice he hasn't eaten breakfast (not uncommon), or lunch (hmmm), hes not drinking as much, he's quiet, and the final straw is he watched half of Playschool without a complaint (he would have to be asleep or...). So you keep him at home, then observe that he seems to occasionally screw up his body, come for a hug, look uncomfortable then run off seemingly fine and his bowel hasn't moved.
Right...he must have a stomach bug. So I organise to see the doctor. Kris comes home. Liam seems a lot better. Are we/me making a fuss? Anyway we go...
To my complete surprise he has acute tonsillitis, his throat is red raw and his tonsils have swollen and are touching. He had this at least 3 times in as many months last year. How could I not know?


  1. Hi Sharon,
    You sound like you are beating yourself up!
    At least Liam can be treated now and he'll be better very soon.
    Have yourselves a warm, cozy weekend.

  2. I feel for you. I echo what Anna has said, take care, love and hugs coming your way.

  3. Hey Shaz,
    Even kids of Liam's age that CAN communicate don't always let you know if something's wrong! And I have friends with teenage kids that FINALLY take them to the doc days after they complain and find broken limbs, ear infections etc.
    I know what kind of mum you are, one of the most devoted I know - but you are only human!!
    Luvya Sis

  4. It's a bit like living in a constantly changing mystery series, isn't it?

    Tonsils can be a real problem. A friend whose son has autism had the same problem...repeated acute tonsilitis and a son who didn't tell her a thing though he is verbal. Last year, he had his tonsils out, and he's done much better ever since.


  5. Hi Sue Niven here,
    e-mail me and i will send you a couple of thumb pin cushions

  6. Hi Sharon. I just realised i did not give you my e-mail address.
    Please send me your address and colour preference to for your thumb pincushions. I have now added my e-mail to my blogger profile. Thank you for pointing that out to me.
    All the best