Sunday, July 26, 2009

Remember This

Remember this

well, once I had sewn on the other filler strip and set of blocks, I realised I had a problem. The filler strips were shorter than the block strips. Arrrgh...perhaps I should have measured :). In my defense (very weak rationalisation here) I was so pleased all my chequerboard blocks met at their points that I didn't think to measure the completed block.
One thing I learnt...measure the blocks...I could easily have made the stitchery blocks and heart blocks a little bigger, or adjusted my seam allowances but...
However, I also know me too well so cannot guarantee I have learned my lesson well enough to do it next time. So I could be in this sticky mess again LOL

Anyway I just left it for a while, hoping it would go away LOL or for a quick fix. In the end I bit the bullet and started undoing them...I got the two end strips sorted out before Liam got tonsillitis. So this week I am going to sort out the middle strip. Hopefully all will be well.

BTW, Liam let himself out of his bedroom for the first time this morning. I had just gotten up to get him as I could hear him rattling his door knob, when I saw him coming down the hallway. He hopped into bed with us (between the two of us of course) and then happily snuggled in. It was all very cozy for half an hour until he decided it was time to get up (by pushing me out of bed with his legs). Imp LOL

Thanks for the get well wishes. It was much appreciated. Lots of hugs for all.

I would also like to thank the lovely Sue for the thumb pincushions she sent me. They are really cute. My sister Jen had just brought me home (we had been to the craft show with our other sister), when Kris gave me the package. A lovely end to a day out don't you think. My sisters and I had a fun, but tiring day out.
I'm sorry I don't have a photo to show you, but you can see them here. The two I received were like the ones on the top and right of the picture, though I gave Jen the orange one. Liam ran off with the red packaging. He loves red.
It is also very worthwhile to read the story behind these pincushions (it just shows what a lovely person Sue is) and there's a tutorial to make them too.


  1. Sounds like our lovely day out had the perfect finish!! Am off to check out these thumb cushions - may even get me back sewing - LOL.
    Good luck with the "fixing up" - I'm sure you'll be happier with it once it's done!
    Lotsaluv xXx

  2. I am so glad you liked them, (your link does not work though) and that your sister liked the other one. I am glad that Liam likes the red packaging and that he is feeling better.

  3. Hi Sharon!

    Wow - your Wish Quilt is looking fantastic!!! You are braver than I, I haven't started piecing mine together yet... all those corrections on the original pattern have put me off! It all seems too hard at the moment!

    Sounds like you had a lovely morning in bed - Liam is very good to allow you the extra half an hour!!! :-)

    Lots of love!
    Vikki xx

  4. Your quilt and stitcheries are lovely, new to blogging so pop over and say hello.