Thursday, October 29, 2009

A win...well maybe LOL

Esther Aliu had this lovely giveaway on her blog. Its called Tulip Delight. Isn't it gorgeous, so I just had to enter.

OK my record at winning giveaways is shall we say non-existent (but I still have a go). So imagine my delighted surprise when I saw my name at the bottom of her winners list. Yes I did check...I was the only Sharon who had left a comment LOL. besides I had an invitation to join her Yahoo group so I could download the instructions.

Well I went to the invitation site and asked to join. No problems I had my invitation. Now all I had to do was enter in the code and that would be that. Ahhh, now why won't my keyboard enter the number three (note I had to type it). OK, so I pretended I didn't get it right and a new code appeared, but six doesn't work either. The third time it had both these numbers. So I checked all the numbers and three, four and six don't work. Arrgh!!!!!!
So having stuffed this up too many times for Yahoos liking they asked me to sign in. Why OH WHy didn't I get Yahoo to save my password. I cannot type that in either.......

So this morning I mentioned my difficulty to DH aka Computer Gremlin. I say this because he had spilt his drink on the keyboard. Imagine If I had done that. His response to my missing numbers was "Does it matter?".
To which I replied: "I can't type in my password"
"Oh...I thought I had fixed it...I'll look at it tonight" said he

Good thing I have a couple of weeks to get to my prize. MEN...can't live without them though and I have a few I'm rather fond of, but.....really they do sometimes try one's patience. Not that I'm ever so trying (they may disagree perhaps) hee hee hee.

Hugs to all, especially my niece Sarah who has her first exam on Friday,



  1. How frustrating!!!!! Let us know how it turns out, please! I love happy endings, and that is gorgeous!

  2. Woohoooo - hopefully you'll get it sorted and be playing with your prize soon - otherwise I think Kris will owe you one - LOL.
    Thanx for the good wishes for Sarah too - she was very touched!

  3. Hope you get your computer gremlins sorted soon.
    That is a lovely win.

  4. Have you gotten it all sorted yet? I'm still hoping for the happy ending!