Tuesday, November 3, 2009

IT nuff nuff

There is a British sitcom called "The IT Crowd" . In it Roy (from IT) first response to the distressed calls from the computer nuff nuffs is something along the lines of " turn the computer off and then turn it on again"...usually its working by then.
Why do I tell you this...well when I complained to DH about those numbers not working, he asked (a day later I might add in my defense) if the other numbers were working. You know the ones...they are on the far right of the keyboard... (red face). Oops I'm a computer nuff nuff.
Oh the shame of it to be a woman and guilty of dare I say it domestic blindness LOL.
Well, on the bright side this meant I could download my prize from Yahoo. Not only did Esther include the pattern instructions, but she also included a detailed stencilling tutorial. Yeah!!
So all is well as long a I don't need any of the symbols used on those 3 numbers...must get the IT department (aka DH) on to that, because I do need them...back to Roy ;)

Oops its a day late...I forgot to publish (well my porridge was burning). I guess I stuffed up multi tasking as well...what kind of woman am I? LOL


Edit: This was the giveaway I won from Esther, all neatly placed into a file, ready for me to play with after christmas.

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  1. he he he... you're a NORMAL well-adjusted woman sweetie!!!! he he he... and a very lovely, kind one at that!!

    I love The IT Crowd, so many great one-liners! Aaron watches it regularly. We're so full of one-liners in our house that I wonder if other people can understand what we're talking about!

    Lots of love sweetie!
    Vikki xoxo