Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Of Keyboards, families and sewing. A quilt top completed...Yay

Well finally the IT department has fixed the keyboard. It did take some cleaning, time and conductive paint, but one thing you can say about my husband, he doesn't like to be beaten :).
Here he is asleep with our precious. Aren't they cute.

In the meantime I've got some stitching done, attempted to wreck the printer, been to the market at Healesville and met my uncle again (after 26 years). Kris also showed me how to load my photos onto the computer. Hopefully I've got all the steps now as its a pain having to keep asking him (if you know what I mean). Afterall everything is simple when you know how. 'Course I've spent a lot of time preparing , ie cropping and rotating images so I can actually put them on my blog.

My uncle was in Australia for a month. He arrived as we got home from our Sydney trip. Debbie organised a family get-to-gether at her place. It was a lot a fun. I annoyed people with the camera and even got a photo of Nikki's boyfriend (he hates photos so was not amused...hey I didn't know) . Doubt it would have stopped me though as my family is somewhat camera shy.

This is Uncle Colin with his camera, so I was not the only one :)

I maybe in trouble here. My sister, Deb has threatened photographic blog wars, but I couldn't resist. To be fair she did spy me taking a pic of Mum & Simon (who also noticed) and leapt in.

Liam's uncles joined him at the water feature. He, somewhat amusingly pushed them inside so he could enjoy the water play on his own.

Most of the gang watching a computer game.

The following weekend, Mum, Deb, Uncle Colin & I went to Healesville Market

Deb, Mum & Uncle Colin at Healesville Market.

Its hard to believe now that such a short while ago you could be comfortable wearing a jacket. What happened? Its been soooo hot this week. I wonder if Uncle Colin would prefer England's cold or the heat we've had this week?

Funky Fungi at Healesville Market

Oh and I believe I mentioned sewing.

Actually, I'm rather proud of myself for finished the top of this quilt as I had had problems with the filler strips and had to undo them and sort it out. Then I couldn't find the red fabric I wanted for the first border. IT was out of print in the US and although they were going to print some more, I was looking at a wait of 4-6 months.

At this pint I have to say a big thank you to Sarah Fielke and Sewn. Sewn has this wonderful feature called "Find Fabric". I had my red fabric a week later. It was wonderful. There is more to Sewn than this, such as competitions, free patterns, guest spots, a link to Sarah's blog "the Last Piece" etc, so check it out here.

Below is my version of Bronwyn Hayes "The Wish Quilt"
It was featured in Australian Homespun Nos 62-4 (vols9.7 -9.9) with corrections in No 67 (vol9.12).
I have personalised it by using a variegated red by Anchor, adding a red first border and changing the houses as shown more clearly in the blog I wrote here. All the reindeers are different colours too (to reflect the variegated thread used). I hope you like it.

Anyway enough of me.

Hugs to all and to all a good night,



  1. what a lovely visit.
    My mum and my sister from the U.K. are coming next year. SOOO looking forward to that!, It reminds me, must take plenty of pix.

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Great to see your computer is up and running.
    I don't know what I'd do without one, especially my work and pattern instructions.

    Your "Wish Quilt" is just divine, what a lot of intricate work you've put in, well done and thanks for sharing.
    Chat soon,

  3. Hmmmmmmmm - I think I'll just have to be the bigger person and NOT start a blog picture war - LOL. Great memories though - may get you to send me some of the pics!
    You know I love your quilt and once I change the names it will look FABULOUS at MY place - to make up for posting THAT pic - LOL

  4. I just LOVE your Wish Quilt Sharon!!! You've done a fabulous job :o).
    Joy :o)

  5. What fun photos! I really love that quilt. The shades of red and play of pattern make it a real stunner!

  6. Hi Sharon - thanks for your lovely comments on my blog - your creations are lovely and your family is darling - and...your pendants will be on their way tomorrow morning - hugz Val xo

  7. Lovely visiting your blog, dear Sharon! I love all those beautiful projects you make (O: You'll be seeing me more often!