Thursday, November 26, 2009

Learning by example!

Look, isn't he gorgeous , snuggling into a rare soft toy he actually likes (he probably thinks its a cushion)

I was out to dinner last night, when the following occurred. Kris couldn't wait to tell me (insert big grin here)

Toilet training is a bit of a bugbear in our house, so when Kris felt a presence behind him (at the toilet), he was thinking Oh good, maybe Liam will learn by example and get the idea what a toilet is really for.

The little prince saw Dahdee standing over a white bowl of water into which he was pouring a golden stream. How interesting he thought, Dahdee playing with the water too. Its sooo handy having such conveniences in a home so that I can drop things and splash about whenever I wish, though Shannie & Dahdee have a nasty habit of making a fuss about these playthings and locking me out. Surely I can play too. He thought yes, I can do that, its not hard.

As Kris was delightedly thinking that Liam was watching and learning by example, to his amazement, he saw a couple of objects appear from between his legs and splash into the water.

Having been successful, the little prince decided it was time to leave...his Dahdee may make a satisfied he left.

"Liam, you bastard" he yelled as he heard his son klomping down the hallway. "We're screwed", he thought as he gazed at the 2 fun-size Mars bars below.

So did anyone learn anything from this? Did anything change?

Kris left the bathroom door open this morning. I got to Liam before he got wet, but not before our toothbrushes were thrown in.
As for Liam, He is quite sanguine about all of this, as he knows that sooner or later he will slip in again and enjoy dropping stuff in that lovely clear water. Then there is always the silver water containers on the stove or the bowls where the dogs are. Isn't water the most sensational stuff. Why don't we have more of it on Mars?


BTW for more toilet humour, visit Jodie at Ric Rac here.
She has a great sense of humour, while you are there check out her gorgeous softies and read her "bot stories: Bus Stop" They start here and go on until here. S'ok no toilets involved LOL


  1. How funny - LOL. And maybe he has seen chocolate bar looking things down there ;)

  2. I wanted to say something witty but actually I think you have said it all. As long as you keep on viewing these things with a sense of humour you will always be fine. As for Liam I think he's having a whale of a time.

  3. Hi Sharon,
    Yes, Liam is gorgeous
    Ah, you write with such humour.
    I'm not so sure i'd be that calm.
    Have a great weekend,