Thursday, November 26, 2009

Great Excitement

Hi Folks, I've just read the most wonderful news on Sarah Leak's blog Quilt Fabric Delights here

Bronwyn Hayes
of Red Brolly has finally got a blog.

Woo hoo ( jig around the house) Oops can find her here

Bronwyn is one of my faves. She has some lovely designs coming out, not to mention the ones I haven't got.

Big smiley hugs to all,


Now where is that oven?

Edit: The sky is black, the thunder claps , but My new oven is will be good when its been installed. Its been almost 2 years since I had an oven :)


  1. You must be in heaven - A new blog to stalk AND and oven - FINALLY!!!! Yay - roast spuds for Christmas - LOL

  2. This is really GREAT NEWS!!! thanks for the link!
    I too am a big fan.

  3. Two years without an oven. I can hardly imagine it. Thank you for the link!!!