Monday, November 16, 2009

The IT department is at it again. I have been banned from the computer since Friday night. He has reluctantly allowed me on inbetween whatever he is doing. All I know was the computer was fine, but then he wanted to ghost a drive, which I disturbed as he forgot to tell me (not happy Kris)...we may have lost important info like now he is putting up a sign "Do not Use" so I know. He still has to check anything , but allowed me this brief interlude.

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last blog. I'm glad you liked my quilt top.

BTW does anyone know how I can better reply to comments? I know when I leave a comment on a blog , I usually get an email from that person with my comment and their response. Its really lovely and I would like to do that too. I do leave comments on others blogs referring to that bog and thanking them for the comments they have left, but some people do not blog as frequently as others and I would prefer to respond in a better, quicker more personal way.

And as I am starting (finally) my xmas stitching projects for this year, I thought I would show you what I stitched last year for my sons' partners families. Although the layout is mine, I have used two of the stitcheries by Bronwyn Hayes (slightly altered as I did the santa one in redwork) from her Believe Wallhanging (I may be wrong with the name as I cannot find it. I can be a messy person as the photos of my craft room below will attest.)
I hope I can find the pattern though. I had saved the pattern from an old issue of "Australian Country Threads, Vol.3 No.6"...all I can find is the cover and a couple of other designs....Where have I put the pattern sheet? Hopefully its somewhere in the've gotta laugh.

I think it may have got worse as I tried to find my missing pattern LOL.
OH well, at least I can still get into the room.
wry smile

Anyway better go and organise that christmas stitching.

Hugs to all,

BTW Check out my talented friend's Vikki's cute robin kisses freebie here and here.


  1. Wish I had an answer for you about the comments. I'm trying to get better about that myself, but some people don't leave addresses nor do they have profiles with contact information.

    I shared your last post with my MIL, who loves to quilt. She was very impressed with your work!

  2. oops - can just imagine how much trouble you were in - LOL.
    You are soo good at stitcheries - I proudly hang your wokr in my home - but am still waiting for that revised quilt - LOL

  3. Hope you get you computer problems sorted soon. I know its very frustrating. As for the comments
    I'm afraid I'm useless I'm still finding my way around this blogging lark. I'm sure someone will help. Good luck

  4. I hope you find your pattern soon, Happy Stitching, I too Know Vikki, a darling she is too, What a small world!
    Love seeing your posts
    Take care Sue

  5. Hi dearest Sharon!

    As always, you stitchery is just divine! Love it! It's annoying when "The IT Crowd" won't allow you anywhere near the pute isn't it?!!!

    I'm going to email you and Sue with details of how to get notified of comments by email. Kerryanne set mine up for me - but I've worked it out - I *think*!!! Hugs!!! Vikki xoxo

  6. I put you on my favorites list! I won't take the trouble to tell you about the commenting, because I think Vikki has done that. Wonderful meeting you!!!

  7. Hey Sharon! just testing - has it worked????

    Vik xx

  8. Hi Sharon, just found you lovely blog - I love your wall hanging. Hugs xxx