Friday, June 26, 2009

Wish Quilt peeks

These pics are from my version (WISP) of Bronwyn Hayes' "The Wish Quilt" which features in Australian Homespun magazine (Vol9. Nos.7-9)

There you go Debbie (She told me how to crop my pics) this better? :). BTW have fixed up the other photos on previous blogs too :)

As you can see I've changed the houses on Bronwyn's quilt. They are a cross between her houses and those by Piece of Cake Designs featured in their "Welcome to the North Pole: Santa's Village in Applique" quilt (which I am yet to do). I also used my favourite variegated stranded red cotton by Anchor; hence the variegated reindeer :)

When I showed my son Simon and his fiancee, Beth the quilt I mentioned I could add more names to it. "Are you trying to tell me something?" he cheekily asked.
Well I had presented him and his older brother with a new brother at the ages of 19 & 22 respectively, but that was almost 5 years ago now!
"No, I am not having another baby, I'm leaving that up to my sons and their wives" I grinned.
He laughed.


  1. Much better pics on your blog now - told you you would learn as you go!! I still have more to learn too...Love the houses - they look very cute!

  2. Love this quilt...I'm guessing it has names of your family on it? My Dutch friend has a Christmas cloth with individual place settings embroidered on it (I think it has matching napkins and other bits and pieces too), and the fun part was adding the names of the husbands and now children as they came along. Think I'll just stick to napkin rings!!

  3. Hi Sharon,
    I've come over to visit through Vicki from Sew Useful Designs.
    Nice to meet another artistic lady.
    See you round.

  4. Hi Sharon!

    Your quilt is looking gorgeous! I love the variegated fabric/threads... verrrry nice!

    Vikki :-) xx

  5. I read about your blog on Vikki's. What a lovely blog you have and I love the quilt. Great little homes (O:

  6. Love these quilt peeks!! So warm and fantastic patterns... Thanks for sharing!! SMILES... :)