Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Visit Home

Adam & Naomi
Adam & Liam

There's a warm contented buzz in the house when the boys are home. There is laughter and chatter, hugs and comfortable silences. Liam is also much more animated. Brothers pick him up more and swing him around, though he's getting too heavy for some of the rougher stuff he, but they may no longer enjoy so much. Its less airborne than grounded now, but he persists. And he does reward them with gleeful sounds, snuggles and the odd kiss.
Then theres the dogs to see, autumn colours to enjoy, letting your Dad overdo it at tennis, tennis with Simon, inlaws, parents, grandparents, funky new shoes for Naomi as she starts xmas shopping in the city and then the real reason for this trip south.
The Thomas girls are celebrating their 16th, 18th & 21st birthdays respectively.
Teachers had asked for them not to go to Melbourne, but they were the guests of honour...so no school for a week on their return to Canberra (in case of swine 'flu). We have watched these girls grow up and we have stayed with their family in various locations in the country, though the boys didn't come to Darwin with us. The saying that friends are the family you choose perfectly expresses how we feel about them.

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  1. Looks and sounds like you had a great weekend together!! Look forward to the girls' birthday pics.