Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Double Birthdays

Kris & Adam at Adam's & Naomi's wedding
The Newlyweds: There is little more special in life than to see your child so happy
Adam & Simon (our angel & our imp) 1987: brothers and best mates.
Adam 5months

Kris and I had a lovely day. We dropped Liam off at kinder and went to see a film (we had just enough time). Kris said it was like going on a date and we hadn't been to the cinema for about 18 months. It did feel quite decadent. Our little gorgeousness smelt a rat though, and was reluctant to let us go at Kinder even though he loves Kinder. He's not stupid...the rhythm of the day was different. Then in the evening Simon came round.

Adam, our eldest son was born on his father's 21st birthday. Kris has always said he was the best birthday present he ever got. I came close with Simon though, but he was a few days early, but at least he got to take us home from the hospital on his birthday. He must have been pretty excited too, because he forgot to bring me shoes and we ran out of petrol on the way home LOL.
Mum rang the hospital shortly after Adam was born. Kris was so excited he said "hes got little toenails and fingernails and eyebrows...My first impression was overwhelming rush of love...I was so surprised as I didn't think I possessed a maternal bone in my body, but here I was instantly in love with my son. Even with a broken heart you can love someone new...and Dad would have adored him.
He used to do the most gorgeous pouts as a baby...maybe he still does LOL...and the "Oh Mother " looks I used to get. Apparently I am the most annoying of his parents.
Adam was the ideal first-born. He was sensible, diplomatic, took himself off to bed when tired and has a wonderful attitude to life. At times I've thought he's more sensible and mature than I am. Though he also gave be one of my biggest frights. Imagine waiting to catch a train. You hear it coming and move to the edge of the platform only to see your son streak across in front of it.
When he started going out with Naomi he took the precaution of telling her all the embarassing stories about himself he could remember, he figured it would be much more embarassing coming from us. It didn't remember them all though hee hee hee.
Though I will never forget the interminable questions as to where every car was going, to which I eventually replied I don't know.
"But, Mummy" he said "you know the alphabet".

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  1. Another great tribute to the men in your life - embarassing moments and all - that's what life is all about!