Sunday, May 31, 2009

24th Birthday

Simon & Beth at their engagement party last year.

Simon & Beth late 2008

Simon: A few months old.

Liam's been sick, I've been sick, DH hasn't been well and even the computers been sick.
In the meantime, I've done a tiny bit of stitching. My houses and stars are on the quilt. I just need to do the little bit of stitchery beneath the houses.

On the bright side, Simon (second son) celebrated his 24th birthday. First impressions: big, beautiful, hairy and hungry. Simon was a very happy affectionate baby (and he still is).
He was a cheeky little boy with huge green eyes and always up to mischief. On one occasion we had gone to the beach. It was June and freezing. I had him "waterproofed" from head to toe (only his face was exposed). Needless to say he got soaked. I tried! LOL
Then around 16, he propped himself on his elbow on my bed and said "do you know how lucky you are?'' I looked at him questioning as he went on the explain, "How many boys my age would come and give their Muma hug"
One of my favourite memories of him was when I was pregnant with Liam. Simon (18 at the time) asked if I really wanted this baby.
I said "yes, (he waited for more) afterall I love being yours and Adam's mother"
He smiled cheekily at me and said "but I can be a bastard too sometimes".
"Yes, I know...I'm your mother, not stupid"

Simon has grown from an adorable imp to a fine young man. Amy, a close friend of mine once said of Simon. "You don't have to worry about Simon, there will always be someone happy to take care of him" This is so true from us, his brother, friends and colleagues. Simon has a passion for life and an unconscious charm that draw people to him, but yes he can be a bastard, albeit a lovable one.

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  1. What a fabulous "Simon" post - soo honest and loving! You've brought up lovely young men and I'm sure Liam will be too!