Friday, May 1, 2009

Red Rags

I thought I'd show you a piccy of what my DH thought were red rags on the floor.

Imagine my horror as I asked him to download my craft images (from before xmas) only to find one horribly blurry pic I had just taken.
"But where are the rest" I exclaimed.
"Thats all there was. Its not very good" he said
"But, but what about the cot quilt and the stuff I made at christmas..."
"Just take some more" said he
" I don't have them anymore" (not happy me)
It transpired that he had needed the memory card for console games (arrgh!) and had downloaded the images onto his laptop a couple of weeks earlier. He has only just found them this week!!!

Will show you more piccies soon. Just want to make sure this worked :)

1 comment:

  1. HOOOOORAAAAAY - you worked out how to post pics!!! Am proud of you sis!!! SOOO glad you found your pics - am just home from Canberra - need 3 days of sleep to feel normal - shame I have to work tomorrow!