Monday, May 4, 2009

Doing the next right thing

"Just do the next right thing, even if that means just getting up in the morning"

When my second son was in primary school, I would often ask him to tidy up his room (it would be nice to see the floor :)). His response was that he didn't know where to start. I would tell him to just pick something (anything) up.
This is not far different from where my head has been lately. Months of denial have crashed into my psyche. The room is a mess and something needs to be done, but all I seemed able to do was ameliorate the situation with chocolate, tears and Liam cuddles. Perhaps Kirk Douglas is right and being depressed is somewhat narcissistic, but I believe that sometimes we need to cry and let it all out. So he's severely intellectually disabled. So what? It wasn't long ago that I spent most of 3 months lying on the floor cuddling him, just wishing he would eat and drink, smile and be healthy. He's healthy and very happy why am I so tearful.
I have always said I just want my sons to be happy...Liam is happy, perhaps the happiest person I know. He is also very loving and is adored (and not just by us). Yet I've somehow infused "happiness" with other expectations, hopes and dreams. I want him to be independent, to be successful at whatever he chooses to do, to love and be loved (even when we are gone), to be healthy, to have friends, to be a good man (like his brothers).
During this time, I received the aforementioned advice and its allowed me to move forward. Appointments have been made and kept, a blog started (one must be careful visiting Deb LOL), a swimming pool visit, stitching and back to weight watchers. Our new motto is to plan for the worst and work for and hope for the best.
Ok, I've slipped already re chocolate, but as my middle son once said "Mum you have a problem". Will someone please invent chocobate ;)

On doing the next right thing....the piccy in the last post was the early stages of "The Wish Quilt" by Bronwyn Hayes that featues in Australian Homespun magazine (vol. 9 Nos. 7-9). This quilt top is still in a work in slow ( I'm just slow) progress. Had another pic, but it won't load will try again later.

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  1. Sounds like you're starting to take the right steps - one at a time and FORWARD - just remember there are others around you willing to travel along with you - especially if there's chocolate on offer ;) oooh I shouldn't have said THAT!!!! mwah mwah LUVYA