Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It started with a puppy

My lovely DIL asked me to make a cot quilt for a close friend of hers.

It started with this gorgeous puppy (Michelle loves dogs) designed by Kerryanne English of Woodberry Designs (published in Handmade vol.26 no.5), and their theme for the nursery in green, yellow, blue ( snug as a bug) & white walls. I changed the clour of the puppy to yellowish and then started playing with other fabrics (particularly moda's butterfly fling); I needed bugs. I also wanted some textural change so I also used some lemon chenille and green flannel (with bugs and frogs on it).
I also sketched a larger version of Kerryanne's snail as a label on the back.
The initial layout was ultimately changed to include a darker yellow. I was really quite proud of myself as the putting together and choice of fabrics had been mine. I was also quite surprised when my husband really liked the quilt. Mind you that may have been Kerryanne's lovely puppy. (Anyone interested in Kerryanne's designs can check out her blog "Shabby Art Boutique"_see my sidebar. Or you can see her puppy here I hope :))

I always get a little possessive of quilts that I make, I have to "keep" them for a day or so before I can let them go. Yet I love giving them or stuff that I have painted for a particular person to them. I think its because there is a lot of me in that is a link between them & me.
Unfortunately for my DIL, there was a slight but interesting (to me anyway) diversion from this. I was not possessive of it for me, but rather for my DIL. I guess you should beware of what you ask for LOL.

More importantly Michelle loved the quilt. She had a gorgeous little girl called Isabella a couple of weeks later.


  1. Looks fabulous all blogged up - you really are a very clever cookie!!!

  2. Just the CUTEST quilt!! I love the darling puppy and the colors work so well for a baby... you have FABULOUS talent!! I'd be possessive too... I have a hard time giving up cards as I put so much LOVE into them and hope the person receiving it, enjoys!! Smiles... :)

  3. I love this quilt it is beautiful.


  4. Sharon, this quilt is just WAY too cute! :-) Love it!

    I know what you mean about handing stuff over, I usually make gifts with no time to spare and they are straight out the door before I can even show anyone! But that's ok..... just! he he he...

    Hugs! Vikki xx