Monday, March 22, 2010

I have a lot to be thankful for. My sons are happy, the weather is beautiful and Liam is on his way home from school. Soon I will be popping outside with a book and a drink and enjoying the sun until the bus arrives. It is perhaps the best part of the day...though sinking into a snuggly bed is pretty good too or the snuggly warm qwerring cuddles I get first thing in the morning (qwerr is Liam's word...its a happy, contented word...i think we all need a word like qwerr)
He is very happy at fact when I popped in an hour or so after dropping him off, he was less than impressed to see me (he has a very expressive face)...sort of what are you doing here, its not time to go yet! He has a marvelous teacher, who I instantly trusted. You know how you sometimes get that feeling about rarely lets you down. I told her today that i though she was doing a wonderful job with Liam as I don't think we tell people enough when we we appreciate what they are doing. Its a shame we are more likely to complain than praise.
I also have to tahnk our relatives, all of whom have accepted Liam without question. This was brought home to be by 2 different experiences:
Aunty Dot's 80th birthday party where Liam's speech interruption was acknowledged with a laugh and thank you and a lack of negative responses to the throwing of various items in the pool and acceptance of such things as a need to lock the front door
The other story concerned a friend of mine, who has a sibling who didn't invite her children because of these same sort of things.

On another matter entirely I am also fortunate as I have won a prize on Kellie's Don't Look Now blog. I always enter any giveaway on her blog as I am yet to see one I haven't wanted...and I have bought a few of her designs too.

Anyway I better go , the bus should arrive in the next 10 mins. How lovely to have my gorgeousness back...well at least until he starts to drive me crazy again LOL

Lots of hugs,


  1. What a lovely post to read, dear Sharon. Very touching and inspiring for my thoughts!
    Congratulations on your win!!! I love Kelly's patterns. They are so cheerful and happy.
    Have a lovely week!!!

  2. You are on a roll dear sis - and are sounding so happy and contented - can you bottle some of that for me??!?!?!
    BTW - I reckon qwerr sounds a lot like purr - I think my little nephew has a touch of puddy cat in him - LOL

  3. Sharon, what a lovely, lovely post. And thank you for your comments on Questioning Autism, too.

  4. ahhh....complete acceptance. Something we all wish for...

    Lovely post... what did you win???

  5. Hi make me want to read a book too...I just love to read!!! How cool that Liam is enjoying school so makes such a difference. Congrats on your win...Dzintra♥x