Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bits of this and that

My fave red has transformed.......I know dyelots can vary, but its a totally different colour!!!

Santa in my red's previous incarnation

A little bit of sewing. These 3 stitcheries were also from QFD's Christmas in July and are meant to be the centrepieces of 3 gift bags. I did the first in my fave variegated red (Anchor 1206), but it has since changed :(...the bright pink and deep wine colurs are more like brown and orange :(

The last 2

are using a gorgeous threadworx variegated yarn...I just loved the way the chrissy presents worked out :)

Barb (Theodore Cleave) & Marg Lowe (designs) at the Quilt and Craft Fair, Melbourne. It was great to meet them...sorry this is the only photo I have of the day

It was lovely going to the fair with my sisters, but I missed out on a fair bit due to the size of the crowd on the first just wore me down...I'll think I'll go later next time (not that I didn't get some goodies though, perhaps it was better for my wallet, especially as I had been doing a bit of online naughtiness hee hee hee

Belated showings of lovelies I won in 2 separate giveaways earlier this year.

These gorgeous variegated threads were hand dyed by Amanda Bergamin and

the ever-so cute cow is a wall hanging by Nina Lise Moen (who include some other beauties as you can see in the piccie below).

You will be relieved to hear I have thanked these ladies much earlier...they are sooo late in being posted as I've been a little out of it (not an excuse, just why).
Its also why I've been slack blogging and even reading blogs...all of which makes me feel somewhat disconnected, but I'm getting there :).... I will further add that although I have been negligent lately I have appreciated all the lovely comments that have been made.

The decking is progressing as you can see below. Liam just loves it.

He's not even fully dressed yet :)

The decking after its first coat of paint...really only the top needed to be done at this stage, but we (well Mainly Kris) couldn't waste the lovely sun after the rain and hail of previous days.

Stay well. Hugs, Sharon


  1. The deck is beautiful...looks like it will be a pleasant place to sit and stitch...

    Those colors are so

  2. Hi Sharon ~ so good to see you again! I have the same problem with the thread with pastel colors. One skein soft while the other is much brighter. Quite annoying!
    Love the threads you won!
    And what a lovely decking.Liam seems to enjoy it too (o:
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. I echo the last comment! Missed you! Love the stitching and such a delightful pattern too. Decking looks magnificent.

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