Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tuesday night

I had had to wait for the driving rain and hail to ease before going down to the car for my craft class.

Next day:
"I didn't make it to my craft class last night"
"Why not?" R asked
"Because I couldn't get down the driveway"was the mournfully embarrassed response
R Laughing "why, what was in the driveway?"
I backed out, Kris parks slightly differently to me...should that make a difference. "I couldn't see" I sadly exclaimed
"What happened?" said she
"Oh I went over the sleeper and got bogged in front of the tree. Kris had to rescue the car and I was so upset , he thought I best stay at home. I was sooo upset and cross and embarrassed I couldn't ring and explain why I didn't go"
Last time Kris had driven the car down the driveway, after doing this and covering a visiting friend with mud.
" And to add insult to injury, I was also looking forward to a poo-free night"
Needless to say we both cracked up laughing
Dare I say "Shit happens" LOL

Hugs, Sharon


  1. Yes it does Sharon and I am sorry you missed out on your craft class and that you got bogged. I hate getting bogged. Hugs to you :) hugs Vicki

  2. Oh dear, poor you, Sharon! Hope you will be able to make it next time ;o)