Friday, August 27, 2010

Liam at 6

Today was Liam's 6th birthday and he was well :) After several years of him being ill on his birthday, thats now two in a row that he's been fine. Its so good that he's so healthy now :)

Liam 3 days old...and it was the first time I got to hold him or even see him for 2 long days, as we were in different hospitals :(

Liam loves to go to his favourite corner when he gets to school...Mum saying

He is also very very happy.

He absolutely loves his school, loves being with Mummy and Daddy and the pool and going out and coming home. Liam lives very much in the now and now is wonderful :). No wonder he's so healthy :)

The school Liam goes to is an autism specialist school and on a child's birthday, they organise a party for them with balloons, party food, party hats and a present...we bring cake, drink and goodie bags. Its a really nice thing to do. We are also invited...yeah!
As you can see even its no mean feat. Just getting them to put on the hat, however briefly isn't easy. hence its off most of the time. The teacher encourages one child to give Liam his birthday present and then helps him to unwrap you can see he was quite happy with it :)...then came the Happy Birthday song and the lighting and blowing out the candles. All the kids get a chance to do this, which is really good. Liam as you can tell isn't always so keen on this. interested Liam has taken a while and a lot of hard work on the teacher's part as although Liam is pretty easy going in that he is passive-aloof photos show that Liam didn't like the birthday song ( that may exhibit a dislike of bad singing LOL). Wouldn't look at the cake being lit, though he would intensely watch his teacher :)

...its therefore hard to get his attention. He will not necessarily look at what you want him to look at. Kris calls it studious avoidance. Putting it right in his face means "don't look", but you do feel you have to try as its too easy to avoid looking from a distance. It can be quite frustrating at times.

Liam was a little uncertain what to make of the lit candles and cakes approaching him...although you could say he has finally looked at them :D

He did have a go at blowing them out though...he much preferred eating one. This chocolate cake is his absolute fave food, even better than chips :)
Afterwards it was back to the normal school routine (do a almost detect a sigh of relief that its all normal again LOL) with a song and a book. It was fascinating watching the other kids and seeing how interested Liam shows the persistent hard work his teachers have put into him.

As you can see we all had a very good day. Liam was quite happy to slip into the normal school routine again and say goodbye to his parents again :). He was very tired that night though. Turning 6 can be hard work :D

Liam you are an absolute treasure and we adore you. Your cuddles and giggles and wanting dickle dickle (tickling) brighten our days more than you will ever know. Happy Birthday our precious one :)

Lots of hugs, Mum


  1. Happy Birthday to Liam :) I hope he had a good day and got spoilt rotten :)

  2. Happy belated birthday to my baby little brother!!! Great post Mum, it was really good to hear that he had a good day & to see what the teachers are doing.
    Miss & Love you all xoxo & extra big O for Mum!!!

  3. I also liked the putting the photo of Liam covering his ears into context with the group singing so poorly, not that I could do any better as Dad would attest, hehehehehe

  4. Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met Liam's verjaardag!!!! What a very touching post, Sharon! Thank you for sharing these special moments with us. What a wonderful son you have and Liam wonderful parents (and teacher!)xoxoxo

  5. HaPpY bIrThDaY Liam! chocolate cake is my favourite too! toni xxx