Friday, September 3, 2010

A Kookaburra, a Trampoline, a Cake and a Quilt

Its Spring :) and the honeyeaters constant squabbling in the gum tree over a particularly good nest has abated. It went on all through August LOL.

We also had a visitor to our deck yesterday afternoon. Our deck does feel a little like a tree-house and this little kookaburra certainly emphasized that. We have never had one come so close...he obviously approves of our deck. He wasn't even too concerned about popping down onto the deck to grab a bit of sausage meat :)

Even Liam was interested...unfortunately there is no photo as we stopped him as he was reaching out to touch the bird. This was the best we could do. The kookaburra remained despite Liam getting within millimetres of his breast :) Our neighbours' children were also fascinated to see him as they arrived home from school. Kris fed him some meat from a sausage roll...hope that doesn't put him off coming back LOL. I was taking photos and it almost looked like he was posing at one stage. I was quite close :). This is why we love Montrose, the trees , the birds and if you go for a walk early enough (which I have not done lately...and am consequently quite unfit), I have seen wallabies, a couple of echidnas and the odd kangaroo. The bush is just over the back road you see. Montrose is the kind of place that people stay, sometimes moving within the suburb...I

guess thats why we've been here for so long...

Liam also had a good time on the trampoline with both Mummy and Daddy...he outlasted both of us :). He just loves it especially when on of us (usually Daddy) is on too. He can coordinate his bouncing so that he goes up as Daddy comes down...he loves getting higher and higher. There are lots of smiles, good looking and squeals of delight :).

Simon was also over last week-end for Liam's birthday I'll indulge in a couple of pics of Liam's birthday again. Still not keen about the candles LOL

I have also finally finished the quilt I was making for a friend's baby shower...well I had left myself a little over a week to do it and I must say I was quite impressed with how close I least Tracey was able to see it almost finished...that is with threads hanging out and most of the quilting done. The pics I've taken still have loose threads so don't look too closely...I wanted to take advantage of the sun :)
I ran out of time...the election didn't help. Who's running the country anyway?...well we still don't know LOL.

So I hope you are all having a good week.
Lots of love and hugs (of course LOL),


  1. what a great bird visit!! It's wonderful that Liam could interact...
    Love the cute quilt..

  2. Great pics Shaz - that kookaburra will be back for sure - he knows how to get a good meal - LOL.
    The quilt turned out beautifully too - LOVE the colours!

  3. Great pics sharon. I posted a link with Kris's permission on my facebook site.


  4. Liam looks so happy! And how lovely to have the kookaburra so close to you.
    Love the baby quilt you made. The orange fits to it perfectly. I would never have thought of that.

  5. It is my first time to see this bird in Australia, it so amazing. Playing on trampoline is good way for Liam.

    Best wishes.