Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Moment by Kris Feigl

A journey
A scream
Not faked it
A life

Building blocks
The dream
Your showing
A glow
The radiance
A light

A future
Your making
A dream
Your shaping
Prime directive
An instinct
A drive

The fear
Of not being
Not clear
Not seeing
A future a choice
Not to make

A tomorrow
Not there at all
The questions
No answers call
That future
May see success
Or may see a fall

The tears
Screaming returns
Not faking
Contractions churn
Force out a life
Turn on a light
Forever change

Behold the moment
Behold a life
Welcome new spirit
Burning so bright
Light supernova
Overwhelms all
Blots out the day

Bonding in spirit
Bonding in soul
Sense new beginning
Responsible role
Baton change over
Life's work starts now
Where will it end

Glimpse new horizon
Behind a glow of dawn
Track leading on now
Energy gone
Unconditional love
Unforgettable journey
When will it end

For the love of a mother
The bond of the soul
Will live ever more now
In her baton change role
Future intangible
Power incredible
Force indescribable
Drive not deflectable
Course not selectable
Nature's choice
Irresistible and delectable
Sweet dreams!

I hope you like DH's poem
Hugs, Sharon

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