Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1st

Its the first day of August and a bit dark and dreary outside. Still only one more month of winter and yesterday was surprisingly warm and sunny. Not bad hey :). Its also Liam's birthday at the end of the month :)...a lovely end to winter.

I've gone to my carer's exercise class now 3 times. The first time I was apprehensive...hey I've never been to a gym before :) I felt great after the class, though my legs waited 'til the still of the night to voice their rather loud protest at such treatment LOL. The following week, I was still uncertain and felt more tired (perhaps I tried harder...we are talking about me though :) and last week I was excited to go. Isn't that grand!

On the home front we've been having a deck built...the post holes were all dug and we were chatting to our neighbours...4 adults making sure 4 children didn't go down a of course I just had to demonstrate what not to do in the name of public safety of course LOL.

So here is well I fell...lucky really as the slope just fell away so I didn't have a sore head as I landed face done and I missed all the rocks.
I felt well.. rather silly really ;)

Kris built a rock wall...a good bit of recycling :). That area looks much much much better now...he did a really good job too...see all that time playing tetris didn't go to waste :D

The rock wall

I took photos and Liam of course discovered his father's pepsi (Ahhhh pure caffeinated sugary cola...heaven for Liam).
He can be quite demanding and doesn't take into consideration such minor difficulties as the can may be empty (well usually its not) or you may be indisposed or asleep as this photo shows. As you can see my DH can sleep through most things.

Liam after coke/pepsi (doesn't care which). Note he cannot drink it directly from the can so he thoughtfully brings a cup as well :)

Liam surveying the work in progress last Sunday

I have also been stitching, but I haven't taken photos yet...will wait until it brightens up a bit.

I'll be back another day with more Christmas in July goodness...shame its over :( Thanks Sarah, you're a star.

Lets all have a wonderful August. Hugs, Sharon


  1. Such lovely pictures, I hope you did not get too messed up in your fall. Here's to warmer weather.

  2. What a great post! I did have a laugh at your fall. Sorry. But luckily you didn't get hurt.
    And, still having fun in those classes?
    Liam seems to really enjoy himself with the cola. Can't believe you DH slept through it.
    Look forward to see your stitching results!

  3. Glad to hear you've started enjoying the classes - LOVE the pics too! Must come up and check all this work out - LOL