Friday, July 23, 2010

Andthen there was....Christmas in July

Although our little man was born here on Mars and is, therefore, quite content and happy to be here, life on Mars is not always easy. There are times when you get homesick despite the beauty and fascination Mars offers. Then there are the supply and communication lines to worry about and the consequent red I hate red tape. These lines can be quite labyrinthine in their complexity so that even if you do get through to Earth you may not be in the right place or there's that never-ending dull music wearing you down. You can feel like those on Earth have forgotten you and that you need help or are too busy getting on with other things or just don't get it or think well you chose to live have another form to fill out...have you had that assessment made...we'll get back to you. Oh NO! they've hung we go again...we need a new wireless remote system that actually works. Slowly slowly it wears away.

Santa design by Natalie Bird (this came pre-printed...perfect for someone who couldn't be bothered tracing LOL)

Then all of a sudden a phone answers, the person is able to get back to you and my God something is going to happen...Woo Hoo...small victory it may be, but it feels good. And you find another connection that leads to an online quilting group with a reliable exchange. Suddenly things are not looking so bleak :)

I've been participating in Quilt Fabric Delights (QFD), Christmas in July and loving it. It has been fun and had really helped shift me out of my apathy. There's this lovely wall hanging by Gail Pan, a divine advent calender gorgeous stockings, xmas bags, a pincushion, trees, ornaments and much more. Whats more, I'll have no excuse for being disorganised for Christmas this year (knock on wood LOL)

Stitchery design by Gail Pan...stitched with different variegated threads. I just lurve variegated threads :)

Whats more I've joined an exercise group thats just for Earth expats like me :) Ahh I think I might go exploring again soon. Hey has the new breathing apparatus arrived yet!

Love and hugs to you all, Sharon


  1. Remember - you can come on over and chat with Venus anytime... no oxygen required! Although it is mandatory to drink tea and you may want to bring a pre-printed stitchery with you! :-)

    Life is about the small things sweetie and I'm so glad that you are feeling so rewarded with the QFD Xmas in July fiesta! Lovely finishes sweetie!!! :-)

    Love and hugs!!!! To both Earth and Mars!!! I'll be visiting soon!

    Vikki xoxo

  2. I wish I had the patience your stitching needs.... I love to look at it, and every so often I linger over kits and stroll along the aisles of beautifully coloured twists of silks and threads..... Just LOVE these early Christmas works.

    Hang in there. Its when the connections come through every now and then that ones faith in the rest of the world is restored, even if only briefly.

  3. Lieve Sharon! I am happy that the Christmas in July is bringing you some enlightment. I've joined the Christmas in July too and it is so much fun! I love the red/green variegated threads you are using in the second stitchery!
    Wish you lived closer to this side of the earth, so we could have a chat, a hug, a just being there! xo

  4. I think we all get a bit apathetic in Winter - and you know the ups are there waiting for you - and so am I if you need to chat or a hug - you ALWAYS love a hug - LOL!