Sunday, July 18, 2010



Today is my sister Debbie's birthday...I'm kinda using it to get blogging again :) Hopefully I can then move on and her birthday is certainly cause for celebration :)

I am one of 3 sisters, Debbie being the middle one and Jenny the youngest. She is apparently, therefore, the most stable one and suffers from middle child syndrome (whatever that it :). She is certainly the peacemaker, the one everyone turns to when we need help. I think she was born with a maternal instinct :) We all love her dearly and would be lost without her. We (her family, even me LOL) have occasionally gone to far, but she rarely snaps and tells us to just get on with it. Like my father we wonder what we did wrong on these rare occasions LOL and why did she snap...that is until we have calmed down. She also has trouble saying "no" and often finds herself up to her ears and more because of this....I mean there is only so much you can fit into the day. Actually in this she has perhaps changed little as I remember stories of her being so busy that she would forget to go to the loo...then a mad dash would ensue.
Of course we've had our "fights" and the twos

Debbie and me

against one...interestingly rarely was Debbie the one (most notably when she had the audacity to let some guy take up her time...she later married him and we've long got over it LOL) She was physically stronger that me and went through a stage of just picking me up and walking off with me...I soon learn't to carry on my converstions regardless.

Mum, Debbie, me and Dad

Though I do remember her asking me (with great concern) what you did about boys as they were stronger than her...not something she had had to deal with. I couldn't stop laughing (not very sensitive of me I know).

Mum, Jenny, me and Debbie

Me, Jenny and Debbie (below; taken shortly before we moved to Australia)

My sister has always been clever with her hands. She has made dolls, teddy bears, done collages, cross-stitch, made clothes and costumes, patchwork etc. All very pinchable LOL...ahhh!! Her latest obsession is papercraft and she makes the most divine cards. She is responsible for me doing both folkart and patchwork...though the cheeky girl has moved on LOL
Jenny is also a crafter, and although she has little time for it, we all love going to the odd craft show together. Looking forward to that soon :)

Well Debs, I hope I haven't embarrassed you too much...I did say the photos were old. I'll give you a big hug when I see you...ok I know that isn't unusual.


love Sharon


  1. OMG Debbilicious is soooo adorable!!!! And how you explained her is EXACTly as I know her too! Debbie is an amazing lady and Im honoured to have her as a friend in my life.
    Such a beautiful post and I LOVE the pics heheh soo cute and funny.
    Kristy x

  2. Happy birthday to Debbie!!! What a wonderful post, Sharon. The pictures are great. You really look like you mother. Unbelievable, the resemblance, especially the one with your father on it.
    My oldest sister's birthday is today too (O:
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  3. Thank you for this wonderful post - it' been great to see some of these pictures again - LOL

  4. I think I love the photo of you all sitting down. The smirk on Deb's face is a classic. Somehow I think I've seen that one a few times.... :-)

  5. As Kristy says Debbilicious! Beautiful post Sharon and such lovely memories, sums up the lovely, generous lady I was lucky to find through blogging and then meet at stamp camp. Thank you for sharing, take careX:)

  6. I feel rather sheepish that I missed Deb's b'day, but what a wonderful Sister you are to do something like this for her. It is so very sweet to see this sneak peak into the life of your family.

  7. Awww .. what a wonderful post on your sister! She is a wonderful woman! LOVE the piccies!!

  8. I've enjoyed this immensely! Thank you so much for sharing a bit of insight on Debbie, who has become a dear friend through this wonderful world of blogging.

    Hmmm...I always thought the middle kids were the most dysfunctional, but now that I think it over, you might be right about them actually being the most stable!