Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why Mars?

Why Stitches?
Craft is my sanity saver, it has given me a sense of peace as well as a connection with others through reading blogs of designers I admire and sharing time crafting with others. It also gave me an opportunity to create something at a time when I was capable of little and for this I have to thank my sister who handed me her pattern books, paint and craftwood and said "Choose something" . She also got me sewing and now blogging. Where would I be without her?

There are two reasons for Mars.

One is that I have a husband and 3 sons (the Mars of the popular book "Venus and Mars". For instance when I asked my darling husband what he thought of the bits of fabric and sticheries I had laid out on the floor he said "I just see a pile of red rags".
The second reason is all about our youngest son, who is different, who really made me realise how excluding the word "normal" can be and how wonderful (albeit challenging and occasionally painful) being different is.

Liam was diagnosed shortly after his 2nd birthday with autism. We would dearly love to know how he views our world and what he is thinking. His sensory experiences differ to ours, yet he generally passes unnoticed in the crowd until these differences surface in a way people often cannot, will not or fail to understand. My son with his greater limitations is expected to bridge the gap between himself and a world where social skills and communication are natural and easy for most. Yet Liam is a gorgeous, affectionate and happy little boy, whom we adore. I would rather live on Mars with him, than on Earth without him, but Mars can be difficult to get to.


  1. WOW - what a great commentary to open your blog!! I'm so glad you've been inspired to do this - think it'll be great for you!
    mwah mwah

  2. Hello Sharon, my name is Emily and I am an avid follower of your sister's blog. We seem to have made a connection and now I am starting to understand why. You see, I have just one grandchild named Max and he too is autistic. He will be 4 years old on May 2nd of this year and he is the light of my life. I so understand what you mean about Mars as it relates to the differences you see in your son. I have taken it upon myself to learn as much as I can about autism since he was diagnosed with PDD NOS at 2 yrs of age. Our biggest clue was that he was pretty much non verbal or should I say non communicative because he was constantly talking, just not making sense to us. We were devastated at first but immediately dove into research on Autism and treatment. Max has lots of sensory issues and he has taught us so much over the last couple of years about autism and how hard it is for him to deal with. I spent two weeks with him last year while his parents were in Russia and we really formed quite a bond. He is currently receiving 20 hrs per week of in home therapy now and responding well. If you would like to share any thoughts or stories with me, you can contact me through email at
    Welcome to blogland! I'm going to sign on as a follower and I hope we see some of your crafty quilting creations soon. I'm sure that I will be as blown away with your talent as I am with your sister Debbie's talent:)

  3. Well congratulations on starting your new blog. I have met soo many people through blogging that I don't know how I survived without it. I too have a family member that was diagnosed with autism and only recently. My son is also going through the motions of whether he might be autistic or not. Not knowing how to help them is my issue. He is a very full on child and as such decided to be an at home carer to focus on his development so I know what you must face everyday. I have to say my little boy is a fresh of breath air all the time and I couldn't see a day without him but I know what you mean by Venus and Mars. Love to see your work because Debbie is very talented. I am sure you will be justed as talented.


  4. Hi Sharon!! I've been a follower of Debbie's blog for ?? just a few short months, and I too got my sister to start blogging. Welcome to blogland. I know from reading your intro that you will have a lot of offer the world!! I have a good friend who also has a son with Autism and although she started a blog over two years ago and only has about 4 posts or so...just doesn't have the time to keep it up with her family etc. Sounds like you are very talented in the crafting department and I look forward to seeing your creations!! :)

  5. Hi Sharon,
    Congratulations on your blog. I'm a blogging friend of Debbie's and thought I would pop in and say hi. I love your intro and wanted to say how touched I felt readng it. Even though I work in the disability field you don't really know what it's like unless you have a child with special needs. I love how you talk about mars and the journey that you are taking with your son. You are an inspiration to others around you. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi Robyn here. I'm a "stamping" friend of Debbie's too. Just wanted to say hi and welcome to blogland! Lots of great people here- Hope you find hope and strength for your journey- as well as lots of fun!!!

  7. Hi Sharon!! I'm one of Debbie's followers too and a very "Heartfelt" into to your blog. Welcome to blogland and I can't wait to see your lovely creations to share with us!! May God help you in your journey and enjoy the bonding with fellow crafters... Smiles! Michelle :)

  8. hi Sharon, I also came over from Debbie's blog to say a warm hello! I am looking forward to seeing what you do and hearing how things are going!
    Love and prayers,

  9. I just found your blog and went back to this post to see how it began. Bravo! I'm looking forward to spending some time here, am adding you to my Google reader, and linking here from my blog (as you have linked to mine...thanks!).