Friday, February 5, 2010

Good Fortune and First Homes

Was it yesterday I mentioned my good fortune...for anyone who didn't click on the hyperlinks, I won fat quarters (in red, green, blue, yellow or pink ...won't know which 'til they arrive) from Barbara of Quiltsoup and one of Bronwyn Hayes patterns on her Australia Day giveaway. I almost missed entering this one too and you know how much I love her designs. So the Teahouse and some lovely fat quarters should be winging its way here. I feel very fortunate and lucky indeed. Hey I can't claim I don't win anything anymore can I LOL.

These 2 Photos are from the Quiltsoup blog and the Red Brolly blog.

Which reminds me, Bronwyn is putting up free cat patterns here so that other people can make a cat quilt just like Rita did. I can imagine certain cat lovers I know loving this idea :)
I am Sharon L F on typepad as I that was the only way I could leave messages on Typepad blogs... I was getting quite frustrated, so I still have that id because even though I have my own blog, it still doesn't like me leaving a comment from Stitches on Mars.

I've been vacuuming couches today. The one outside under the verandah was especially would not believe what I found...OK there was the odd coin, wrapper, tissue and chocolate...even the pen and teaspoon perhaps I could explain, but remote controls (in both couches no less) LOL And NO, the outside couch was bug-free, but that leaf litter gets wonder we have an aerial garden in our gutters *vbg*

Simon and Beth are taking them to their new home. They are moving into their first house today. They are very excited, needless to say :) so as we've been meaning to get a new lounge suite (even though there is nothing wrong with this just doesn't fit anymore), we told them they could have it. So tonight we will be left with 2 you think it will take 2 years to replace our lounge suite (like the oven) LOL.

So why am I blogging instead of helping...well, Liam didn't have school today and much as we all adore him, things will run a lot more smoothly without him. As it was he almost visited the neighbours...I did tell him the girls would be at school... and attempted to go down the steps (he would have seen the car and refuse to leave it and i was not in the mood for that battle) while I was vacuuming outside. Still I got most of it done before I was discovered.

Just like this post really...Liam has just found me out...and is merrily dropping an orange plastic thingy in my lemon cordial...he then pulls it out, drops it again and sucks the liquid off his fingers.
He will NOT drink out of the glass though, not even if its pure coke (his favourite drink)...
He gets quite excited doing this, but as you can imagine its a somewhat messy exercise LOL

Doesn't he look cute here gazing at the TV.



  1. Congratulations with yoy great wins!!! Happy happy you (O: Somethings beautiful to look forward in the post.

  2. Congratulations with your wins...Lucky You!!! And yes Liam does look cute there♥x

  3. Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my web blog. Congratulations on winning the Fat Quarters. Barbara (Quilt Soup) is also a Designer with Henry Glass Fabrics. Wonderful Designs. Please let us know what you create with all the fabric.
    How exciting!

    Take Care,