Thursday, February 4, 2010

Liam's first day, a bit of craft and good fortune :)

Liam at home in his school uniform. First Day!

Liam started school on Monday. He went there on Monday and Wednesday morning.

On the way to school with Mummy (notice where his school hat is :)

Liam in the classroom with Daddy and the teacher's aide

Why can't I write a blog or email without my precious climbing up behind me, giving me a cheeky grin, a cuddle and putting his hands over my eyes (love it really :).

Hey at least he didn't kick me off LOL, but I had to laugh when I turned around to see him disappear up the hallway with my snack. Should I follow him?...
He was sitting on the couch with 2 of my corn them the odd lick then putting them down. I had to smile at the expression on his face, but at least he showed a willingness to try something new :). So I decided to make myself a cup of tea and him some toast :)

Anyway back to Liam's schoolday....he definitely knew something was going on and was excited. Mummy was organising a bag, Daddy was taking photos (perhaps a little tedious :) and we we were all going out in the car. Liam absolutely loves going in the car and he usually knows where we are going. he starts getting excited when he realises this way goes to Poppa's house or this is the way we go to Sydney (he does calm down though as he knows Sydney is a long way, but there are excitement points along the way :)

He had a lovely morning at the school, but as usual was as pleased to see us as we were him. We felt very comfortable leaving him there. It is so nice not to feel you have to explain :) Though we were AMAZED to see him wearing his school hat

almost had pencils in my tea just then

How did you do that we gasped? At which point he took it off...LOL. I guess Mum and Dad are a soft touch. Ahhh he's such a typical child sometimes :)

Oops he has gone off with a triumphant giggle. I'll just remove the pencil. He's baaack. He's persistent , but my hand is firmly on top of my mug. Right! he's climbed in behind me again LOL
His foot is tangled...and its all my fault. Ok have got him out and despite be stopping him throwing a handful of stuff in my tea, I am getting gleeful hugs and a kiss (much nicer than the smack in the face).

Wednesday morning I heard Liam go out the front door...I dashed out and grabbed him...Liam we have to put on your shoes first. As I was bringing him in I heard my neighbour's daughter yelling: "Mummy we have to go now...we have to go to school now. Mummmmm..." I had to laugh as in his own way Liam may have been doing the same thing. We Mums can be so slow sometimes LOL

Oh damm he did succeed. Whats this yellow plastic thing in my wonder he left. Imp!!!! LOL

While he was at school on Wednesday I had coffee with a couple of other Mums, which was lovely. L, trying to be helpful knocked one of the coffees over, then there was confusion as to what had been ordered and apparently the latte doesn't come in a mug. Our poor waiter!. Guess we couldn't blame our sons huh LOL
Then I went to a couple of craft shops (my favourite variegated red is out of not even showing up as being on a ship bound for Australia...still at least it hasn't been deleted :). Now that would have been bad.

I found this when I was looking for something else...I had joined up the pinwheels (from an earlier post) and put the border on before Christmas...Have yet to decide whether to continue with the Moda bakeshop cot quilt or make it bigger. It may depend on fabric availability though. Had meant to check yesterday.

I have also finished this need to decide on the fabrics.

When we went out for my FIL's birthday, my SIL returned my lost quilt. He had apparently been in the cupboard all along :) i took it outside for a photo as it had looked a little dull in the inside photo I had of it.
The designer is Toni Alexander of Red Boot Quilts. Its been lovely meeting her through blogland :)

OH as to my good fortune...I'll explain later as Liam is making abandoned child noises. Poor thing. It involves here and here.

Hugs to all...I'm going off to hug my poor neglected child :)



  1. You know, I love how you tell us about Liam and how he interjects himself into the italics no less...

    I am glad his first day went great..

    And congrats on TWO WINS!!! Lucky duck you..

  2. It's always fun to see pictures of my cute nephew - not sure when I would have seen him in his uniform otherwise!!!!
    Wonderful crafting as always and CONGRATS on not just ONE but TWO wins - wooohooooo

  3. What a little sweetheart Liam is - and how exciting for mom and dad!!! I remember my kids starting school a few years back - I cried and cried, what a silly mum I am :D

    BEAUTIFUL quilts!!! You have magic fingers :D

  4. What a huge day for you all...and a successful one!!! Ha ha about Liam disappearing with your snack!!! What beautiful quilts you make...especially that Pinwheel one...Dzintra♥x

  5. Hi Sharon,
    Great read, great photo's.
    Glad to hear Liam is enjoying his first week at school. I hope the enthusiasm continues.

  6. A proud mother and a happy son. Great pictures, Sharon! I loved reading your post with the moments in itallic.
    Lovely quilts and great stitcheries. What is the nr. of the thread you are looking for I might have some here, so you can get going (if the post doesn't take ages LOL)

  7. Oh Sharon, Liam looks so handsome in his school uniform! and I'm giggling so much at his antics!
    toni xxx