Sunday, January 31, 2010

Edit...this isn't the photo chosen, but it is one where he's pinched a bag of potato chips/crisps...a new food item (healthy of course arrgh...should I be pleased or not)
This was the photo we chose of Liam for his medical sheets (the one to the far left)...each year we have to fill out allergy, anaphylaxis and asthma plans for the schools he is attending...this requires chasing him arouund the house with a camera to get a nice updated photo of him and a visit to the doctors with said forms :) .
He starts school tomorrow morning, so I better get those labels on his clothes.

This is his uniform stuff.
While he was having fun at his morning holiday programme sessions, another Mum & I finished off the uniform much nicer doing it with someone else. It was also lovely to catch up with her and a couple of other Mums.

Kris went to the tennis with Simon & was wet and sunny with a touch of hail, but they had Hi-Sense tickets for those moments :)

This was one of those moments umbrellas everywhere :)

A giant tennis ball :)

Liam has just climbed onto my chair, so I'm perched right on the edge...I expect to be pushed any time soon :).

The lovely lad slept in to 8.30 am this morning, so I have a much more sunny disposition to day, though No I didn't get to have a nap...Simon popped over after his tennis (which was lovely) and we went out for dinner for my FIL's it was a long day.
BTW, I do love my morning snuggles from Liam (just prefer them a tad later) and I often enjoy chatting to Kris in bed, especially in the winter, when I can "suck heat" as he says :), but I do tend to fall asleep though :)
I also did the groceries and went to weight watchers...I'm still ahead LOL...didn't put the whole lot back on...Michelle said she would be good if I was (didn't know about dinner at the time) and we shook on it. Don't know who is more worried LOL.

Meanwhile with Kris hogging the computer lately, I only seem to be able to get on it in the morning. Did he have to put his ship sim on this computer? So he has been wandering the oceans with the Titanic...should I hope he sinks it :D

Oooohh am getting right back...

Back turned out the laundry was could almost feel them drying as they were put out...its hot and windy today. Mind you this time last year, the lack of green was depressing. The sun had been so searingly hot during January, that with no was scorched brown outside.

I've also done some crafting...I found these while I was going through some of my stuff...and have been finishing off the stitchery. Well I couldn't decide whether to do the colour version or the redwork one.

I've also stitched together these swell & sweet jelly roll strips...just need to organise fabric for the applique. I have the blue and red, should have black...

I've also got out my Shabby Roses fabrics...not sure how I'm going to do the backgrounds yet as I chose variegated fabric :) and have traced the applique pieces.

I've also started the side blocks for this table-runner...aren't the fabrics just gorgeous. Adam & Naomi bought me this kit while in Canada (where they got engaged)

Anyway better go have a shower and get dressed..naughty me slothing around in my pjs :)
Will catch up with my emails as soon as I can...Kris may get to the computer again soon as he is awake (pre-midday no less LOL). In the meantime thanks for the lovely comments on my little rant.

Hugs to all,


  1. Cute photo of Liam!!! Both of them - LOL.
    And boy it looks like you've been a busy girl!!!

  2. Hi Sharon..... Liam has such an angelic face.... got to love a little boy (well, mine was little once!). I wish I could find the nerve to stitch as you do. Those panels are wonderful and remind me of the first of your work I ever saw. Think of them as signatures.

    ....and quilting too. My ambition, or maybe its just an entry on my bucket list, is to make a log cabin quilt like the one my grandmother used to have folded over an old storage trunk in her bedroom. Unfortunately it got wet somehow and when we found it, it had rotted away. It had that lovely old faded and soft feel.

    And rant on, pjs rule okay (especially on holidays). Hope Liam enjoyed his day at school.

  3. I love the picture you chose for Liam's medical sheets. And how lucky for them to get to see tennis life. I would have loved to join them
    Great projects you are working on, Sharon. I think I prefer the redwork, but maybe because it is finished. Very cute!
    Have a lovely Monday and I hope Liam enjoyed his first day at the new school!

  4. Hi you have been busy!!! Cool pic of your boy...HOpe he enjoys school...A whole new world out there for him...and you♥x

  5. I kind of like the chip bag photo best. Looks much more natural for a boy to have food in his mouth.....LOL

    Love the stitchery panels...

  6. It's lovely to read about Liam's progress I'm sure he will adapt really well at the school. I love your stitchery by the way.