Monday, January 11, 2010

Wrap up and a long overdue thanks

These are 3 little friends I brought home this year.
Tell me why is round and fat cute as long as its not human ?

Well its the 11th of January ( and very hot) and it really feels like the new year has begun with Kris being back at work and a visit to the specialist (just a check up really) and of course I have to organise the rest of Liam's school uniform and other school necessities soon.
Its going to feel funny him heading off to school. I so many ways, he is not ready for primary school as I think of it. In other ways he is more than ready to go. I don't remember being slightly anxious when my other sons went to school (though that was a long time ago :D)

Anyway I thought I'd show the other xmas things I had made, but not posted. There is the Christmas stockings I made for our neighbours (the tree with chocolate inside of course) and one I made for my friend Nora (with a cat inside the redwork santa as she adores cats...not a real one *vbg*)

Both stitcheries are by Bronwyn Hayes. They are both part of her "Girls' Christmas Party Quilt" published in Australian Homespun No.32, Vol.6.5
I have also done the tree in redwork :), which I really like, but haven't photographed.

The pattern for the stocking was in Nancy Halvorsen's book "Happy Holidays to You" ( I had made some of her designs, namely the santa and angel stockings for a previous Christmas.)

I also made these lovely hearts called by Vikki (sew useful designs). The were a free pattern on the Among the Gumtrees blog. You can get it here.
I didn't finish them in time, so I have made a start for next Christmas (though I will keep one :D) . I also intend to do more :)

A long overdue apology and thanks to Sarah Fielke (the last piece & Sewn).

She sent me these just before Christmas as second prize giveaway win. I was so surprised as I didn't know until I opened it. They are these 2 lovely patterns by Gail Pan & Leanne's House. She also included a lovely note thanking me for my support ( I can be negligent at times :-))
Things had gotten really busy around that time and with me having to clear out my craft room so people could eat there, I totally forgot. I know excuses , excuses !!!

So sorry Sarah, please forgive me and thanks for the gorgeous patterns.

Next week Liam has his holiday programme at Irabina, which I know he will love :)
Hey maybe I can find my craft stuff. I know where it is, just not what is where :)

Hugs, Sharon


  1. Hi Sharon,
    Great pressies you made! I want to be your friend. lol
    I'm sure you'll miss Liam next week while he is away on camp, but I think you should kick up your heels, have a long pedicure, manicure, massage and afternoon tea with your mates.
    You deserve it!

  2. I agree with Anna, Liam will be fine next week, LOVE seeing what you have made, lovely stuff.

  3. Nice handwork. Glad you decided to start blogging. It's good for everyone. Thanks. Linda

  4. Can't wait to see Liam in a uniform - hope there's some red in it - LOL

  5. Good luck finding all your supplies ! Your Christmas goodies are gorgeous .

  6. Love your Christmas sewing, your stitching is fantastic! Looking forward to seeing Liam in his uniform! toni xxx

  7. Nice handwork. Glad you decided to start blogging. It's good for everyone.

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