Monday, January 18, 2010

Contrary Weather

Those of us that live in Melbourne, know of its reputation for experiencing 4 seasons in one day. Well today we had rain, hail, sun and even snow in the alps (all in the middle of January). The heater has decided to misbehave, so while we can still cool the house down, remaining warm may prove to be an unexpected problem LOL
Hard to believe we were trying to keep cool this time last week. Even with air con, our house hovered around 30 oC that day, but at least it was working and was significantly cooler than outside's 43.
I have done a little bit of sewing, though I may unsew a few strips (when I find the unpicker that is). I spent a lovely morning with a friend from Irabina, while our kids were in the holiday programme (buying shorts and socks for them :D) and having a coffee. What possessed me to pick an iced poor teeth sent me a sustained complaint :)
Meanwhile my DH was at the tennis with our son and his fiance. Didn't envy them a bit *tee hee hee* Oh and he took the no piccies, that is unless you want to see why I've gone back to weight watchers. The swimsuit shots from our excursion to the beach would have no risk of being in a swimsuit magazine LOL. Not that I cared at the time, afterall I was having fun with my little mischief. So will I do it again. Sorry folks, you will just have to avert you eyes LOL

Aww...why when DH rebuilds the computer can I not find some things? I was going to post a couple of Liam (not me) at the beach, but they've gone somewhere?

Hugs, Sharon


  1. Glad you had fun catching up and having coffee - but maybe a mochaccino next time Melbourne's weather plays up - LOL. At least it showed your heater was on the fritz BEFORE the cold weather really comes!
    Will look forward to those beach pics!

  2. I cannot belive you have that saying on top of your sidebar, it is my absolute favourite one! I have even made a few quilts with it, and am working on 3 more right now. Kindered spirits I guess:-)

  3. Hi Sharon...I have heard Melbourne can be like that..but even so I think it is a great city!!! So lovely to meet you...thank you for the visit...Dzintra♥x