Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas and a New Year

Liam & Me (late Christmas Eve

Wow, its 2010...lets hope this year goes a tad slower, then maybe I'll get gifties done by xmas and all the ones I want to do too :).

I awoke this morning to a little body snuggling into me, which would have been more adorable had it not been sooo early and had he been dry. Got me up though, well temporarily anyway LOL. After a few more jumpings on (he gets more persistent and inventive over time), I gave in and stayed up...then went out shopping. Bumped into my Canberra friends (made Erica jump :) They were just getting a few things before their 6 hour journey home...but it was lovely seeing them. They are certainly amongst my favourite people and I got extra hugs. I love hugs!
My sons had little choice but to be cuddly tee hee hee.
Once I was home and Liam had both his parents up and about he nicked off for a sleep...cheeky monkey!!! :D

The Christmas /New year period was very good. After our illness we had 3 days to do the food shopping, make desserts, clean up the house (disaster zone) and decorate it. Kris was suggesting buying a couple of buckets of KFC so people would have something to eat. Now that would have been unfortunate LOL. He was still going on about it when he picked up reinforcements from the airport about 1 am (24th). He had left worrying where they were going to sleep (silly man). The floor was strewn with wrapping paper and gifts, but one needed a break form cleaning up.
So Adam & Naomi arrive about 2 in the morning and were disturbed to find I was still awake as they were worried about my anxiety rising the following day.
I was fine, much to everyone's relief. I think I was too busy to does need time and energy to throw a decent wobbly don't you think? LOL...besides I've had worse things to worry about this year than whether a tree was up or dinner on time :D Actually it was rather good feeling calm. I recommend it LOL

Adam brought up the tree and Naomi did a lovely job decorating it and I managed to finish clearing out my craft room (without resorting to sheds or ceilings Yeah). Not sure where it all is though. Liam got a little stressed though with all this activity...
Me Kris Kringling. The evening went wonderfully well. Everyone liked their Kris Kringles...the kids were happy with their presents.
The newbie (Matt, Sarah's boyfriend) had a lot of fun...almost the life of the party, though he did have serious challengers :).

Toby, Matt & Sarah
The turkey was cooked, the new oven worked a treat, the flaming of the pudd was repeated due to too few flames (then almost had to be put out as Richard used all the remaining brandy on it) . Liam disappeared into his room for a sleep shortly after everyone arrived (he did join us later and of course didn't want to go to bed after everyone had left)
Sarah (dark figure in hallway), Adam, Jen, Naomi & Richard

Oh and I got (well we got) a new camera for Christmas, a gorgeous copy of Adam & Naomi's wedding album (which they had designed), chocolates (of course), some divine lemon lime biscuits etc and best of all lots of hugs *vbg*.

Though there was the unwanted Christmas Day sunburn, especially Simon, who without a hat and a very short haircut (skinhead...not his best look) was lucky he didn't get sunstroke! We had a BBQ and as there was a cool breeze totally forgot about the UV.
Christmas Day & Emily and Liam
We had fun while we burned LOL. Fortunately Liam was well covered, as were Naomi & Beth, so they were fine :)
"Making Spirits Bright" by Natalie Bird (The Birdhouse), which I made for the Thomas family and
a wallhanging for Beth and Naomi's families featuring the central stitchery from Liz Stanway's (Teddlywinks) "Christmastime for Teddybears"

I finally finished a couple of pressies on the 28th. The Thomas family came over for tennis and afternoon tea. Liam had another snooze.
Simon, Bree(back), Amanda, Erica, David, Clare & me.
They are such a lovely family, I wish we didn't live 6 hours away. It was a great afternoon.

Oh and My lovely niece Nikki turned 2o. Happy Birthday!

On Wednesday we had a BBQ with the boys and their partners, Adam & Naomi packed and flew home to Sydney that evening :( All good things must come to an end, but only temporarilly :)

We also caught up with Jaccoz, a friend (here for a wedding on Sunday) who lives in Korea. Saw Avatar, while the boys babysat Liam (wonderful film, must see it).
Me & Naomi in bushland behind our house
Naomi and I went for a couple of walks up the hill and through the bush. I got very red-faced (my face doesn't sweat due to an allergic reaction several years ago, so I literally glow)
Views like this as well as the feeling of getting away from it all are certainly worth it though.

Liam was happy much of the time. Lots of laughing and playing with his brothers. When Adam left he gave him such a huge cuddle, Adam said "he doesn't want to let me go". Then he let go and rushed back inside (very unlike Liam who likes to stay outside). He knew they were leaving. Its wonderful to see how the three (brothers) get along so well.

2009 had its clouds, but it certainly ended with a silver lining and a glorious thunderstorm light show :)

So now it is 2010, a year of new beginnings.
There will be weddings: good friends of ours (Vikki & Scott), our second son, Simon and Sue's (I purr-furr to craft) daughter. And 21sts: Naomi's brother & Nikki. Simon & Beth are also moving into their first home. My niece, Sarah & her boyfriend are off to Uni. Brianna Thomas will also take her next step after finishing high school and Liam starts primary school.
But before all of that we have the summer holidays :). Very important as here in Oz the only thing that doesn't end at the close of a year is the financial we all feel a little worn out and in need of a summer break :). Its a great way to start a new year.

BTW I didn't see the New Year in... at 11.00pm I wondered what was a thinking, so I went to bed.

Lots of hugs and best wishes to you and yours,


  1. What a wonderful, fun packed Christmas and New Year you had! Thanks you for the mention of my daughters wedding, I am so chuffed! I wish you and your darling family and friends all the best for 2010.
    Loved seeing the beautiful stitchery you had done too, lovely work.
    Congrats on your cooking too! One thing i know i cannot do, no oven being a good excuse! but seriously i have not got that gene.

  2. Happy new Year sweetie!

    There are lots of happy smiling faces in your photos Sharon! They say it all! :-) So happy you had a great Christmas!!!
    Vikki xoo

  3. Gelukkig nieuw jaar voor jou en je familie!!!
    What a wonderful and happy post, dear Sharon. So much to share and then some lovely stitcheries passing by too! What a great way to start 2010!

  4. Hi Sharon,
    I love your new hair style. Suits you to a T.

    Ah, oh, I didn't know you knew Vikki and Sue personally, I thought you were just blogging buddies, hm, now I know. That's great for you all.

    I'm glad you got over your sickness in time to have a wonderful Christmas and New Years.
    Gosh, how many people did you see and feed over that period. You must make people feel very at home. That's great.
    Wishing you all the best health, happiness and creative time in 2010

  5. It WAS a fun day at your place - lovely to see you stress free!!! Now you KNOW it can be done - even at the last minute - so you'll never have an excuse to stress again - LOL.
    Happy 2010 dear sis....

  6. Oh wow you certainly had a fun filled busy christmas... Love the wall hanging in the back of a couple of pics... looks super....and the ones you made for friends and family....The walk with naomi looks great and nice to destress with a walk in the hills.... Happy New Year..
    Hugs Dawn x x x x