Saturday, January 30, 2010

A little rant

Its 7.15 am, his lordship is now firmly back in orbit, having gone back to his bed after waking me up (pre-dawn...I ask you is that fair?), falling asleep in my bed after a snuggle and gradually and so gently (not) easing me out of bed as he tried to get comfy. Children like all the bed space they can get LOL. I had gazed on his sleeping form and decided to get up and sneak off to his room. This kid has mummy radar, so was up in a flash, annoyed that I had the cheek to use the bathroom before organising his milk :).
After his milk and a nappy change he took himself back off to bed...I pottered around (knowing he would be up real soon if I dared go back to bed...bit like a mozzie who dive bombs you on the verge of blessed oblivion) I went to the computer instead.
Oh good its still silent I can go back to off went the computer, back went his blind, when responsible thoughts had the audacity to enter my head...well perhaps you should have breakfast, go do the groceries and go to weight watchers (not sure why I am bothering, having found every cake, biscuit, the Lindt choc flakes (for hot chocs, but lovely on a spoon) and dare I say the cooking chocolate. Well so much for giving up chocolate...I lasted almost 2 weeks LOL
So breakfast is finished and instead of getting myself organised or going back to bed I've been playing spider solitaire, reading a couple of blogs and blogging.
Anyway better go and do the right thing (big martyr sigh here LOL) and get ready to go.

Oh "hello" I think I hear movement afoot.

I do wish those martians in my life would get their act together...I want some routine... (hey we all have autistic traits). I don't want to be woken up at the crack of dawn and kept up or woken at night by little men (or even my beloved sons and others who all know Kris is up late so they can ring him) or their father who plays noisy games (even flight sim is loud), listen to music or merely read pp rune or flight sim stuff next to me in bed and if I dare move enlighten me as to their latest discovery. I"M NOT INTERESTED....I want TO SLEEP...thats what night is for. Why do they think its dark. What about circadian rhythms?
YES, I heard what you was...No, I wasn't falling asleep (blatant lie ;) I don't quite understand why quality chatting time has to occur after I've gone to bed to sleep. Maybe its because I'm not talking so much... :)

'Course I cannot always blame them (do I have to be fair? LOL)...I have been watching the tennis, then sometimes I get too hot/cold too sleep or my mind starts screaming off on ever incresingly obscure, irrelevant tangents that seem to think they are more important than sleep.

So her comes Liam...Kris wants to sleep as he was up until the wee hours and I have the shopping to do and before Kris has to go to work...but he hasn't slept.

OOOhhhhh...I feel a few naughty word coming on LOL

Have been discovered, climbed on (the chair alaramingly swinging back...this boy is getting heavy LOL), cuddled and gwerred at and presented with a remote control. He is now back, after standing in the doorway smiling at me. How can I resist such a cute little munchkin...better go before he gets upset.

He is sooooo adorable!

Hugs to all,


  1. You pooooor thing!!! But I can sooo relate to the need for venting about things, see MY blog - LOL. AND I was up late (1am)and then couldn't sleep past 7am - the brain thing - not wanting to be switched into neutral once it found first gear!!!
    Hope the munchkin's smiles and cuddles help you get through the day!
    Lotsaluv ME!

  2. If you can get the chance to take a cat nap during the day, even if it is only 10 mins, Believe me, there is no way you can completely switch off and sleep for hours, do take it. It will help a bit
    I understand the sleep thingy, you do get desperate for it.

  3. Good morning precious!

    Sleep! Cute kids! Men who think you are interested in how many colours the Omega 64 has and oh - quick - look at the graphics - wasn't it good in its hey day?!

    I'm hearing you sweetie! And I have decided that Spider Solitaire is good for the soul! We all need some respite, and I think that game is the female equivalent of the male's "nothing box"!!! Don't you just wish you could think about nothing?!! LOL...

    Loadsa love! Vikki xo

  4. Hey Sharon,
    I'm hearing you honey.
    Yeah, a ten minute power nap is on your list of orders for the day, twenty minutes if you can manage that. lol
    Big hugs,

  5. I really enjoyed reading about your morning. Poor you! But then, I love the end of the story. The reason why we keep up!
    I am glad my computer is working again, because I seem to have missed many of your posts. Lovely stitcheries and those 3 figures are definitely very cute!
    Have a lovely weekend, dear Sharon with hopefully more hours of sleep!

  6. My martians didn't wake me up at oh-dark-thirty this saturday, it was the flop-eared furry one, who shook his head (distinct flop-ear sound I've heard for over 12 years now) and panted at me expectantly. Darn his bladder! Grrrrrr.

    Rant away, anytime. We're here to listen and empathize!