Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Guess I've been out of circulation a bit. Rather sad its taken such a lovely quilt as Kellie's to get me to blog again. Can you believe she is giving this away. I cannot believe it. it is sooo gorgeous :) too.
You can find info on how to enter here. Hopefully this works as I had forgotten what to do. LOL

BTW I would also like to thank everyone who responded to my night-time ruminations. I know I haven't got back to you all yet and for that I am sorry. (Brenda you have no idea how much I appreciated what you had to say and some of your stories on your blog have been both funny and heartwarming... )
Anna, Karen, Sue & Liam, I am so fortunate to have met you, even if its only virtually. Lyn...thanks for your kind words and I'm glad to have been of some help. Vikki, you are a good and talented friend...hope Rosie has a lovely birthday, Thursday. And finally my wonderful sister Debbie, who is always supportive and whom I wish I was more like.

Liam is going along very well and I am feeling a lot better too. In fact its his birthday tomorrow.

Well I have a craft class tonight, but its wild and wooly outside with the rain, wind and hail. Not exactly inviting, yet its been quite nice today. I expect this too will soon pass. Huh It has....cool! (no pun intended) LOL. Thats one good thing about the Melbourne, the weather frequently changes....hee hee hee
Its of to craft I go, Its off to craft go.....

LOve to all


  1. What a beautiful post - and not just because of what you said about me - LOL. I went and read Brenda's comments - what a wonderful lady - I'm soo glad you too have met via blogging - it makes me glad I pushed you into it - LOL.
    Hope you had a WONDERFUL class - and I'll give Liam a call for his birthday - it only seems like yesterday he had his last birthday!
    Talk to ya soon -lotsaluv and HUGE hugs!

  2. Hi sweetie! :-)

    Happy birthday for Liam tomorrow! :-)

    How was your crafty evening? The weather was incredibly hairy last night and we lost power from 6pm until 10am this morning! It was COLD!

    I have a class with Kellie from Don't Look Now... next week! Im looking forward to it.

    Love and Hugs Sharon!
    Vikki xo

  3. Happy Birthday to Liam today. My sister's birthday was yesterday how funny is that. I hope you are feeling better. Good to hear you are back in the swing of things. It is freezing in Sydney and really windy. Really strange weather lately. I hope you have a nice craft class.

    talk to you soon.