Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Viki Sherman Angels

These are a couple of the other angels I did in 2003. There are a couple of others....a pink one on our living room wall and Deb has an aqua one (but I seem to have no photos of these two). BTW the owl was inspired by a Japanese fabric as Kris's aunt loves owls.
As you can see I am using material and doing some embroidery. This was more or less my stitching limits at this stage.

This is my Dad's cousin Ivan & his wife Ro, who we stayed with in England. Ivan and Dad were very close, almost like brothers.
They are a gorgeous couple. We all love them dearly. Its a shame we live so far apart.


  1. I'll send you a photo of mine if you like - it's great to see the others too - and lovely pic of Ivan an Ro!

  2. All beautiful Sharon... your painting and your stitching are perfection! I've said it before... and now I've said it again!

    The angels are gorgeous, it's wonderful to see the different colour combinations.

    Hugs! Vikki x

  3. Hi Sharon,
    Lovely painting and stitching.
    I'm glad to hear you have some time to relax and have some ME time.