Thursday, August 27, 2009

Liam is 5

Happy Birthday Liam


Liam ready to be transported to the Mercy's NICU ward.
I finally get to hold my little precious. It was the first time I had seen him in 2 days. I was sooo excited. This was taken later in the day as Kris had been in Sydney when I was told I could go to the Mercy. Deb & Mum to the rescue :)

Today was Liam's 5th birthday...its also the first time since he had his first birthday that he has been healthy on his birthday. So it was very exciting for us :). The day started off with Kinder (for which I had made 2 batches of cupcakes inbetween aquatic OT, getting more ingredients and afternoon kinder). He yawned through the birthday song, but there were lots of eager helpers to help him blow out the candles as he doesn't do that (Or so I thought....) he blew at the candles too. Imagine my excitement...he had never done this before EVER. My main problem was usually stopping him grabbing the flame. Fortunately he was a little better about that this year as he understands "hot".
Then it was off to Maccas with a couple of boys and their Mums from the kinder. It was really nice. Ok Liam didn't "play" with the other kids, but he was certainly aware they were there and he was also quite happy to sit at a different table with them. I was really touched that they had been willing to come at short notice particularly Sue (who not only had to be elsewhere at an hour after kinder, but whom I had only asked the day lovely is that). Not only that but the gifts were both thoughtful and useful and took into account Liam's autism. I was soooo touched. There are a lot of good people out there, sometimes we just have to be brave enough to let them in.
In the evening Simon and Beth came around. He actually started running up the hallway when he heard them come in, but he was sooo excited he fell over and came back to me for a cuddle. There was more cupcakes, being tossed around by his brother, sparklers and a firework. he had a very full and busy day.

Liam at Darling Harbour, Sydney (2007)

. At Bondi Beach (2007). Liam just adores water. If I hadn't been there we would have just kept going in deeper. He loved the feeling of the waves rushing back out. I tell you we both got rather wet, but had loads of fun.

Playing with Simon & Beth (2008)

Liam and his brothers (August 2009), with Simon, with Adam.

And the headlines for the day....remember how I went to my craft class. It turns out we were lucky where we were, although the suburbs around us were not quite so fortunate. My sister, Jenny & Mum lost power, as did Vikki. Many suburbs lost power. At Mt. Evelyn, the SDS was running on a generator even on Thursday and you could see the chopped up remains of trees. Other suburbs had been similarly affected as trees and power lines were down. A friend's in my craft class couldn't get home for a few hours as her suburb was virtually cut off. Every second tree in Tim's street came down. It was a very cold night.
Back to the Herald Sun...the front page featured a story on how a footballer might not be available for the "big match". I think someone's priorities are all wrong: I think the storm Tuesday night was a tad more important. Even an avid football supporter we spoke too thought it was ridiculous.

Me and my boys (June 2009) ... massive grin :)
I just adore my 3 sons.

Love to all,


  1. A beautiful birthday tribute to gorgeous young Liam!! And some cute pics I've never seen! Glad he had a wonderful day! Everyone can see how much you adore your 3 boys - and you know they feel the same about you, Kris and each other...although they may not always say so ;)
    Luvyaheaps too

  2. HI Sharon! :-)

    So glad that Liam had a wonderful birthday!!!! It was beautiful reading your recount. Bless him! :-) Give him a big hug and kiss from me!

    So sweetie... I am dying to find out about this craft class of yours!! What did you get up to????!!!!!

    Hugs & love!
    Vikki xoxoxoxo

  3. What a beautiful story line you did in this entry. Happy birthday to your son. I am glad he had a lovely day. It sounds like it turned out great. It sounds like it was windy there too. It was so windy in Sydney one night I thought the roof was going to come off. Anyway thanks for sharing Liam's special day. They grow up so quick don't they?


  4. Happy Birthday Liam! I'm so glad he had a lovely day. toni :o) xxx

  5. Hi Sharon,
    Oh, I'mmm late. Happy Birthday to Liam, Big hugs from me.
    Your Memories are great!
    I agree, media really does have it wrong most of the time.
    What craft class are you attending?
    I know, sticky nose.